Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Weekend Away

So Johnno and I spent last weekend away up at Lake Tahoe.... It was for a friends' wedding--a lesbian wedding--and with marriage on our mind it seemed the perfect time and place to start thinking about ours. Of course we were a little distracted.

The place we went to was called Cal Neva and it was just like stepping into the lost sets from "Dirty Dancing". It kind of stopped me in my tracks.

This is the view from our friends room. Goregous and reminded me that city life is not the only pretty life.

This would be the recurring theme of the weekend. Random art and folk accents. Truly a different world.

Key word is rustic

The name of the hotel comes from the fact that is was right on the state line. It had gambling and smoking on one part but the other was strictly California legal. It made it obvious why the place was briefly owned by Frank Sinatra and visited by such people as the Jack Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Judy Garland, and Marilyn Monroe.

This was the weird mix of Indian, Mexican, Esmiko art in the Celeb Stage Room. This room was redone for Nancy Sinatra to perform in when Frank owned it... It is also were Judy Garland and her sisters were discovered in the 30s.

The recurring theme was that NOTHING had been updated since the 60s. Lots of weird and random details that made me laugh. I like a bit of camp when in the woods.

All that said--the wedding itself was beautiful even if it did take place in the Indian Room. Politically correct this place was not. But what an inspiration for us.

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