Monday, September 19, 2011

Perfect Day

I guess I am more simple than I thought... This time last week I had a perfect day and I didn't realize how happy it made me until after the fact. There was no huge moments in the day--just a smal smattering of different things that happened--my new phone was up and working, I managed to order a handful of items from the Target Missoni collection, I started and was doing well with a new eating program and even Johnno and I were just in a good vibe.

It was nice.

I don't think I realzied how often that is not the case; how often things get messy or petty or emotional for me. The fact that all it took was technology working how it was suppsoed to, some light shopping and better focus on my own life goals--such a simple and easy list to push through... It makes me wonder if I need to work on focusing much smaller in my aims.

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