Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Obsession: Ronan Farrow

He's a as smart as they come investigative reporter, a pop culture junkie, and a soothsayer on Twitter… There's a whole a lot to like about Ronan Farrow

But honestly he is also the best possible genetic mix of his parents Mia Farrow and Woody Alan – – I mean Frank Sinatra. I'm not sure who they thought they were kidding by pretending it was otherwise a.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Thursday truths: nudes

Thursday truth; nudes

I've been thinking a lot recently about nudes--not pornography though that definitely has its place but more the idea of the classical artists use of the naked body. This came up when I was working on ideas for the decor for our bedroom and I realized that I wanted to put something tasteful and attractive and--well--naked on the wall

This Screams Relaxing

I wondered if this was going to be a bad idea--if when we give tours of the apartment people would get all weird about it… If it would come across as flashing sex as opposed to coming across as something natural and calming and tranquil. There is something very freeing of nudity and that is an emotion I really want to work into my space. 

I Can Take This to One of Those Pictures to Paintings Places--Get an Oil version?

It just strikes me as odd that we as a society decided that anything involving nudity now has changed context and meaning. If you look in the world's top museums, well-made period piece television or film or even what was cataloged as desirable in ancient society--nudity had a place in public.

Now I'm not saying that I'm any better – – my great uncle had a large nude of a woman with great covering her va-jay-jay and I was fascinated by it as a child. I couldn't help but point and giggle however as I matured I'd like to think my taste matured as well....

I mean this screams sophisticated right? It's Roman classical art. Jeez

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Start of summer

People who say Los Angeles doesn't have holidays… They have never been in the city in June. This picture is all about one of my favorite seasonal trend--the June Gloom.

It's probably the darker and more sarcastic side of my personality but I love these days that start out cold and  clammy but finish out bright and sunny. I'm sure it has something to do with marine layer or Santa Anna winds but I'm not the kind to look up science…

I just find it darkly interesting

Saturday, May 23, 2015



This just looks so douche bag--like the unmade spin-off from the Entourage but.... I'm going to see it if only to laugh and be drunk in public and eat Pinkberry afterwards... Cause my friends will do that.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Where Are They Wednesday: Eric Lindros

Where Are They Wednesday: Eric Lindros

Not many people know this but I grew up in a huge hockey family... Like everyone plays hockey as a kid until they get old enough to disappoint their parents by not wanting to play so there is an entire season in youth league where you just drag a stick behind you forlornly but you eventually you do but your brother doesnt so you spend the best part of childhood feeling like a disappoint until you realize your brother was just being staged mom-ed by your dad.

And then you're okay.

So growing up I was constantly watching hockey, surrounded by hockey debates, in a house where hockey sticks were hung like art and hockey magazines shared space with the New York Times. Which was how I discovered this:

What Dafuq with Two Tone Hair? 

Eric Lindros was some kind of weird crossbreeding of Zack Morris and AC Slater--smart aleck mixed with jock, the kind of guy who would play rough but be gentle off the ice. Now honestly--is most of that true? No--but he was exactly the kind of guy my teenage self idolized.

I also think I thought it would be cool to date a hockey player because my dad would have to be more accepting of his son's gay professional hockey player boyfriend. Not that Lindros was gay--but don't tell my preteen scrapbook filled with pictures, stats and even still from ad campaigns. The heart wants what it wants.

As a player Lindros was a bad boy from the moment he skated into the NHL with his refusal to play for the first team that signed him--the Quebec Nordiques. They weren't cosmopolitan enough, not enough marketing potential and they were French Canadian so he just flat out refused to play. So yeah--he was a bad boy.

But he was also an amazing player--he was constantly 4th all time in points game for his first 5 years in the league, a big guy paying a small guy's game, known for playing on the famous Legio o Doom line for the Philadelphia Flyers... He may not have been the nicest player but man:

You Can Eat Crackers In Bed

Of course all good things come to an end--and a career filled with concussions didn't help--and in 2007 he retired from playing the game as a player. To his credit he did donate 5 million dollars to London Health Sciences Centre  before taking a job as the NHLPA obudsman for a little over a year... Since 2008 he has been basically retired with the exception of a handful of Alumni games
here and there.

He also got fat which I am not going to post pictures of cause I would rather remember him this way

This Might Have been my 6th Grade Book Cover

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


So Pharrell is doing a limited collection with Adidas which has leaked some of the photos already... I'm sure this is going to be expensive as hell but I really want that jacket in jacquard 

I know that the full collection drops May 30th so I'm getting my internet shopping skills on fleek

Monday, May 18, 2015

Inspiration Monday: Grace Coddington

Inspiration Monday: Grace Coddington 

I love that they got Grace Coddington to do a picture for Natives of New York... She is the best part of Vogue magazine--just amazing and proof you can do anything you want with your life... she is so weird and striking and creative--just a huge voice in the world of fashion who does not give a fuck