Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Daily obsession

Vintage Madness

I am in love with this retro look but I doby know why.... Turtlenecks are never flattering, a double breasted suit is dated and the wooden buttons are less vintage then crafty

And yet it is so off the beaten path that I love this look... The leather sneakers add hipster cred, styling without socks is very on point, and the aviator glasses are timeless...

And Nick Jonas does add a little something too...

Monday, January 26, 2015

Inspiration Monday

Inspiration Monday

Just watch this video--the whole thing from beginning to end--then try and tell me this does not change your prospective on life... It is just beyond everything

The vast wonders yet to be seen... Le Sigh

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Etsy Eclectic

Etsy Eclectic: Velvet Painting Madness by Rustycuts 

Okay--this week's find was actually because I was searching out black velvet paintings for the apartment.... I was inspired by my friend Valeska's last poster purchase--a Dolly Parton concert poster inspired by a black velvet painting idea

This is MADE of win

So the key to etsy is to realize at some point your search will go wonky--I don't know if it is because people don't know how to properly post their items, if it is just a bad search engine or that some people are asses and just click on every tag... Regardless--these search issues are the most intimidating thing about Etsy by far and yet sometimes you find things like this:

                        I Think This is What the Rolling Stones Song is About-Wild Horses

These are Tijuana-based velvet paintings being repurposed as skirts for everyday wear by the Etsy store Rustycuts. I'm glad the I dont know how many times you might need horses galloping across your booty but it is out there and at a reasonable price--plus there are many different ideas to pick from--and here's my favorite:

                                  Cause Jesus on the Crotch Really is a Religious Moment

To be honest--though it seems like I am making fun--I do love these artists who are finding unusual ideas for their fabric and turning to other art forms for inspiration whether it is afghans becoming mens' shorts, velvet paintings as party wear or whatever else Etsy has in store... I'm just more annoyed that my velvet painting shirt somehow led to pictures of red velvet cupcake items and now I'm hungry

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Book Whore

Book Whore--Caitlin: The Love Trilogy by Francine Pascal (But really by Joanna Campbell)

So for Christmas I spent a lot of time thinking about random gift ideas for heap or unique--not for anyone else but for myself... I decided I was going to try and come up with a list of random books from my childhood to track down--which you can do pretty easily nowadays--and my first attempt was the entire Caitlin Series by Francine Pascal...

So here's the deal--the Caitlin series consists of three trilogies (or a trilogy of trilogies?) that covers the high school, college and early adult years of Caitlin Ryan. The series was seemingly created by Francine Pascal but each trilogy had its own author... I'm going to start with just a straight out review of the first trilogy in it's entirety because I'm suspecting I don't want to spend this much time with these characters after this first trilogy...

So the Love Trilogy is about poor little rich girl Caitlin Ryan--an orphan being raised by her wealthy and powerful grandmother Regina which makes her the heiress to the Ryan Mining Company... She lives at an exclusive Virginia boarding school, is a riding champ and all-around bitch. If anything, Caitlin is the cool great aunt to Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl--she is smart, witty, observant and motivated with a side of cruelty and high 80s fashion

The story kicks off as Caitlin meets and falls for a new student at the boarding school--Jed Michaels--who is unique because he is a wealthy rancher's son and from Montana... He isn't swayed by the sweet face/devil's heart that Caitlin has going on so she decides to do anything she can to make him want her... But she is somewhat foiled when she realizes he has feelings for a scholarship student named Diana--who Caitlin hates for being poor and having to do a work study on campus.

Yeah this is our heroine.

But the other side of the story is about how Caitlin is an orphan being raised by an indifferent grandmother who seems to blame her because of her mother's death in child birth. She is constantly being molded to become the future head of Ryan Mining which she doesnt want, is always put in her place by her grandmother for never being enough like her mother and when the books take her to the family estate all of the guile and headstrong aspects of Caitlin disappear. This is a huge thing that saves the novel from just being about a bitch--she becomes more rounded.

Now without giving away anything too juicy, throughout the three books basically Caitlin accidentally set a handful of things in motion that result in someone being crippled, someone leaving in disgrace, someone else using an disguise to cure disease, a lesson on the effects of strip mining and an actual case of anorexia for someone else--this is the MOST 80s BOOK EVER.

Without the simple morality of a Jessica/Elizabeth Wakefield plot.

That being said--I actual found myself rooting for Caitlin because she is an interesting mix of bravada and sadness that actually twists and changes throughout the story. Joanna Campbell does a great job of taking us inside the head of Caitlin--one part the constant observer who uses other's passions and weakness to get what she wants, another part the sad little girl who turns into herself as she struggles to find someone to love her.

The writing for this trilogy is pretty standard for 80s Young Adult, the fashions are crazy and very 80s, and some of the issues that are brought up seem a bit After School Special--but the plot itself is surprising at points and really kept me turning the page... Also the interior life of Caitlin is interestingly written, complex with a slew of issues and understandable faults--she really does feel like the first true anti-heroine of young adult literature and that alone makes the series worth a read...

The only thing disappointing? The next series, Caitlin: Promises, is written by another author and it shows.

Monday, January 19, 2015


Inspiration Monday

Okay this picture of John Wayne is from the Phil Stern collection which was recently shown at Mack Sennett Studios this past Sunday.... Stern was 95 years old and passed away this last December--he was known for his candid photos of stars such as Wayne, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean among others.. He was also a set photographer for everything from "Guys and Dolls" to "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" as well as having done work for Vanity Fair and Life Magazine so he had a pretty full career with some amazing people

Honestly people like this want to make me change gears and find a way to do more with more people... Anything that pushes on the comfort zone is a good thing--expanding and growing makes a better life

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Fashion Friday

Fashion Foward Retro

I love that fall 2015 looks are starting to come down the runways--especially when I've been rocking the new looks for the past few years... I love that mens Sherpa coats are coming back in style since they have that hippie Western feel I like...

Plus Griffin on "Party of Five" was always rocking one on the show...

I always wanted to be Julia Salinger.


I know he was on Nancy Grace for a political/ideology debate about legality of marijuana but I am obsessed with 2 Chainz sweater and sunglasses... I wish I knew his stylist's Twitter because I am all about the pattern of the sweater and his retro sunglasses vibe

That and I'm in total agreement on his stance regarding pot... And this choice of outfit to smoke in

Monday, January 12, 2015

Inspiration Monday

It's so foggy and mysterious--even if it's Monday I'm expecting some kind of an adventure to coming creeping out of the mists