Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tuesday Trials and Tribulations

Not Sure How to Feel

So in the past 48 hours I have been called or referred to as Philip Seymour Hoffman. Not to speak ill of the dead but this is a vaguely disturbing development that appears to be fucking with my head. Because now all I have been doing is image searches and trying to figure out which pictures are the most like me.

Now this picture would be fine--not the greatest but probably kind of honestly me. It's not enough to send me to a surgeon  in Tijuana or anything but a bit of a bummer. He also looks vaguely like the character Dexter here which I appreciate on some levels.

Now if you told me I looked like PSH as Truman Capote I would probably use my shit out of happiness... Like this would be my jam. I mean--yeah its a bit rough since Capote is older but he was a babe back in the day.

Like he is such a hottie that I cannot stand it and would die to be compared to him via PHS. Which I know is probably not happening and this entire thing has ruined "Boogie Nights" for me though the film has probably one of my favorite songs of all time in it.

Because I suspect at the end of the day that this is what people are referring to and it's enough to make me beyond depressed. Like celebrity exhaustion depressed because who wants this?

Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday Jams

Brooklyn Girls

I'm rather ashamed of how much I like this song--it's over produced, terribly done and just a mess and yet I find myself with it stuck in my head. And honestly--the video has some great styling choices

                                                   It's all ugh and ahh at the same time

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thursday Truths

Sometimes You Have to Let Go

I've never been good at letting go, relaxing in the moment or waiting on things to just happen. I suspect part of this was just from my being an ambitious child, part of from parents who were a bit too distracted and the overwhelming grasp of the me generation I grew up in. But I have always had a hard time putting things down and waiting for them to settle.

                       Seriously I am playing this game constantly--even when it tells me to wait

So when I hear about people taking vacations--I'm always thrown by the idea. My best friend Kelly goes to Maine for weeks in the summer, my boss Roland takes ten days with his family to the east--I have even had editors flee for days on end to places like Ireland and Missouri. I just don't get how they do it--how they can put their careers, friends and life on hold to go off the grid.

And maybe part of this is that I have always worked some kind of freelance as an adult--whether it was scourging for hours when I worked retail even as a assistant manager or because I have jumped from TV show to show back when I had a more flexible career. But the idea of not working means not making money means no longer term trips to exotic places because how will bills get paid?

               For Some Reason This Came Up When I Searched Images of Cairo--Huh?

This doesn't mean I don't travel out of town--I go to Seattle or San Francisco or Las Vegas on the regular--I can pull myself together for trips to Vancouver or Chicago for weddings and family visits. But I always cut the travel close to leave at last moment on a Friday and back at work on a Monday. I only took 3 days off for my wedding and part of that was because we got married on a Friday night to save money and let our guests have a full weekend to explore a new city... While other people get to explore the museums and tourist traps I'm lucky if I get beyond my hotel room and a handful of restaurants.

But what I have come to learn lately is that there is no point to doing things this way--my financial life will not fall apart if we have a honeymoon or take a week to see another city. That as an adult who works hard and makes decent money I should be able to plan and take advantage of such an experience-that I know the few trips I had where I was able to relax meant the world to me. That there is so much to be gained from leaving the familiar and putting the everyday on hold--even if it is letting myself take a full four day weekend instead of rushing in and out of trip. That when I do this I am able to recharge and reboot and makes my job, my writing, friendships and my marriage better.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My Zen Moment

Dinner with an old friend--at a restaraunt obviously inspired by eyes wide shut. Such a good diet motivator 

Pray for me 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Inspiration Monday

Peyton Place by Grace Metalious

                                   It's Like A Brittney Spears Song-Not So Innocent

Most people have heard the phrase "It's like a modern day Peyton Place"--meaning a small town rocked by scandal, sex, steamy secrets and saucy sirens.... It's actually a pretty sad development in my eyes because while the book was definitely scandalous for it's time, it is also well written indictment about small time living, the gap between the younger and older generations and the hypocrisy of "keeping up with the Jones".

The story itself it is simple--a story about a small town in deep in New England where church and family are as important as status and money. It follows the painful maturing of a handful of teens in the town; sweet Allison Mackenzie, poor but beautiful Selena Cross, wealthy and spoiled Rodney Harrington, overly sheltered Norman Page and ambitious Betty Anderson. It also ties itself in the secrets of the town filled with sexual longing-both of the female kind and the incestial kind, murder and classicist segregation, the extra martial and the overly insular pressures of a small town life.

                                       But nothing as shocking as this cause REALLY?

But what makes the story and Metalious' work so amazing is that while the plot can be considered potboiler material she writes with a solid, strong and sensitive hand--her prose is thick and beautiful, filled with the type of pastoral imagery paired up with a solid understanding of what makes real people tick. You feel for the characters-root for them despite all odds and take on the righteous anger that comes once the full extent of the plot is revealed. Because at the end of the day the book is not truly about the secrets at stake but instead is about the cost of polite society, of neighborly ignorance and the questioning by the youth of these practices. The book was published in 1956 and you can see how this along with a handful of other projects started the idea of the youth movement and led to the counter culture's rise in the 1960s--teens asking why are things this way.

                                                            Just Like This Guy Did

And while Grace Metalious wrote a handful of other books--nothing quite captures the same rush of shock, hope and intrigue as Peyton Place. It lead to a long running prime time soap which introduced us to Mia Farrow and Ryan O'Neal (You win some/you lose some), a solid film even if they had to dial back more of the shocking elements and a truly terrible sequel. One of the great tragedies of her career, when Metalious sold the film rights for the book she also sold the movie studio the rights to make a sequel. Because of this development, she was forced to quickly write "Return To Peyton Place" so that the studio couldn't make up any story they wanted for the sequel--and you can tell that she rushed to create a solid new story which doesn't quite hold up but has moments of genius when it comes to the fallout for some of the major female characters.

I have always believed it is easy to write a story filled with scandalous people--it is much harder to write a scandalous story happening to good, imperfect and fully rounded people. Metalious does this so perfectly that it is easy to forget and not see the nuance of her writing. A truly special book

Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday Jams

All About That Bass

I am in love with this song--not only is it dancable on every level but the message is a great one. Not about being skinny and not about twerking but about embracing one's size, body and using it... Every time I hear this song I just start dancing around the clubhouse ASAP--cause I'm all about that.

                                     Honestly this is probably my song of the summer

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Thursday Truths

This Is Me--Honestly

Everything in this video is about who I wanted to be in 3rd grade. It is also who I imagine I am in my head in times of trouble--or just out in a bar. Honestly 

1) Bad Ass Trike? 


2) Ruler of the roller rink?


3) Looking like an escaped model from a Nagel painting? 


4) Being a Solid Gold Dancer? 

Honestly you learn more about me from watching this video than I could hope to blog in the next 10 years of my life even if I also starred on a reality show at the same time.