Wednesday, February 25, 2004

1.What time is it? 10:30

2. Name as it appears on birth certificate: George Walter Haworth Foust III
3. Number of candles on your last birthday cake? A 2 and a ?....

4. Pet: none, unless you can count my friend Lise..( just kidding)

5. Colour of hair: strawberry blond

6. Piercing: small stud in nose

7. Eye color: blue

8. Hometown: Pepperell, Ma

9. Town you live in: Los Angeles

10. Favourite Foods: Cheese, chinese food and salads

11. Summer or winter? summer

12. Stay on the sand or hit the water? Sand with a beer and a book...

13. Love someone so much it made you cry? I'll let you know when it happens.

14. Mayo or Mustard? Honey mustard.

15. Croutons or bacon bits? Courtons.

16. Favourite day of the week: Sunday morning

17. Favourite restaurant? Hmm... Great India Cafe, Le Frit, and Toi

18. Favourite flower? Orchild
19. Favourite sport to watch? hockey, croquet and tennis

20. Favourite carbonated drink? Diet Vanilla Coke.

21. Favourite adult beverage? Martini (dirty like Christina A.), Side cars, gin and tonic.

22. On top or on the bottom? Depends on the boy...

23.Disney or Warner Bros? Looney tunes

24. Favourite fast food restaurant? In and Out or Baja Fresh

25. Bedroom done in? Orange walls, Indian curtains, crushed velet pillow and art from all over and a tiny buddha...

26. How many times did you fail your driver's test? Never

27. Before this one, from whom did you get your last e-mail? The last guy I hooked up with.

28. Which store would you choose to max out your credit card? American Eagle, Borders/Bookstar, Virgin Music, Pier One/Z Gallery.

29. What do you do most often when you are bored? Read, listen to Rufus Wainwright and Velvet underground with candles burning.

30. Most annoying thing people say to me? Weren't you thinner?

31. Bedtime? Later than late....

32. Who will respond to this email the quickest? Can't say...

33. Who is the person you sent this to that is least likely to
respond? Jen or Brandy

34. Favorite TV shows: General Hospital, American Justice, CSI/Without a Trace, One Tree Hill, Brini Maxwell.

35. Last person(s) you went out to dinner with? Lise Kearney at the Coffee Table....

36. Ford or Chevy? Chevy but only if a cherry red nova

37. what are you listening to right now? dateline on nbc

38. Time you finished this email? 10:34 PST

Monday, February 23, 2004

Bye “Sex and the City”

So this past Sunday we said good-bye to Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda (and Big, Steve, Stanford, Magda, Brady, and a how slew of friends.) I watched the episode with my own girls… Lizzie, Kelly and Valeska along with take out and no carb beer.

I don’t want to give anything away but what a disappointing last show. The charm and joy about the show was that is was being single after a certain with different types of the sterotype represented. There was the vixen, the career woman, the traditionalist and the dreamer all showing what it was like, the type of men we meet, keep or lose along the way as we try to figure out what it that men bring to the table.

It was about bad dates, tough relationships and good friendships with all the people that fill our lives. It taught us about gay-acting straight men, sexually transmitted isuues and the bonds that we form as we make our own families in our live. It was about fashion and humor, sexuality and love, the ways we try to live and the ways it play out. It is something that I will miss and not just because it is off the air but by how wrong the last show was….

I’d like to believe that this show maybe it okay to be alone just a little and help to understand that it isn’t just us that makes us single…it’s about what we want and how you have to hold out until you get. That there is no wrong ways to live as a single person—just ways to get through. And it proved that friendship could be the best way to get bye. Thanks girls—we’ll miss you.

Friday, February 20, 2004

Big fun...... Look at this!

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

If you wanna be my friend…

Don’t lie to me. It seems simple but sometimes people do what they think they have to do and that will include lying. I guess this is all about Billie and Mac though they aren’t the only one who have done this. It all started with V-Day.

A couple of weeks earlier we had discussed the up coming do and what to do. We are all in various stage of single, me as always, Mac trying to figure out the boy from work and Billie just having a date or two with this one guy. We all realized that we wanted to go out on the town together and planned for V-Day as our LA debuted into society—high or otherwise.

As the day drew closer I started to send e-mails and make phone to get an idea of what we should do. Mac was thinking a film, maybe dinner or dancing and I was all about that. Billie, however didn’t bother to call. I talked with Mac about it and she got this feeling that Billie was going to bow out last minute. I was a little bothered by this and we both suspected that it had something to do with the boy but…as long as she let us know what was up it would be fine.
A couple of days went by with no info from Billie to me at all. I was a little annoyed because she sent random e-mails about other stuff and had talked with Mac a couple of times. We ruled her out of the plans the night before and just kind bummed about it.

Then we were watching “Monster” (Great flick by the way) when Mac got a phone call from Billie. They talked for about 10-15 minutes and Mac even told Billie that I was right there with her, hanging out. Billie didn’t ask to speak to me at all, no message sent via Mac about what was going on...she just hung up. Mac and I watched the movie and that was it. I did let on that I was a little pissed that there was nothing said to me about the next day but…

Then came Monday. It was a holiday and so Mac was around and we were going to put together this bookshelf she had just bought. She had to run into work first and so I took a nap while she ran her errands. There was a phone call but I didn’t get up to take it. I checked the messages later and it was Billie. It didn’t really say what happened about V-Day but that she was sorry and that Mac was with her and they were coming over to do the shelf.

This made me angry. Not only did I not know what happened but it was obvious from the way the message went that Mac had told Billie I was upset and that she was only calling because she was on her way here and didn’t want it to be awkward. The thing is, a forced apology is worthless to me and I would have rather spoken to her in person and found what the deal was.

The other part that made me mad was that she said she was just sick and didn’t want to do anything. Well, if that was the case then why didn’t Mac (whom had spoken with her multiple times before) ever tell me this? The truth is, I believe she went out with the boy for V-Day, which isn’t a big deal, but the choosing to lie and, by default, having Mac lie too is just not fair.

I have been in that position before and would I be bummed if that was the case? A little but is was also a holiday and I get that. But by lying to me and forcing someone else to lie—that’s just not respectful of anyone involved. And I would like to discuss out with Billie but she hides from this type of stuff. I guess my big thing is now I feel like I have lost a friendship with her. Mac and I will be fine, I understand alliances but it just such a shaft to Billie’s friendship and me. And it is her choice to fix it. Or not.

Sunday, February 15, 2004

V-DAY Madness

So, V-DAY had it's usual madness and mystery as per the normal. This day has never been romantic for me but rather like a David Lynch and Tim Burton love child. It began with me and Mac just hanging out and talking about our plans. We had made a standing date for the day and were ready to begin the day with a smile.

Things took to the road and we wander the streets of Woodbridge Park with our usual apomb. Mac dropped off her dry cleaning and I decided to creep into the local gay owned card shop. I found something cute and sweet for Mac and went to play and thinking good happy thoughts. Til the little old man behind the counter said I couldn't use my card. So, without thinking about it I went out and borrowed a couple of bucks from Mac. Thus sealing my abilty to not be responsible or sauve.

After that awkwardness, we retreated back to 236 and spent the day reading, napping and just hanging out. It was all funny because of how bad we are at slacking and ened up cleaning the house. And calling everyone we both knew for plans for the night. We really couldn't figure out what we wanted to do--movie, dinner, dancing... no idea...

Finally, I talked with Kirby who told me that Candice and her friend from out of twon had decided to go out to a bar that i had just been at a couple weeks ago with Lucy and Chloe. It sounded like a fun idea, laid-back place and a good time with a couple of roommates, former and other wise. So Kirby promised to call if the plans changed and Mac and I picked oput some outfits for the evening.

We decide around 8 o'clock to see a film before we wnet to the bar and barely made the flick "Miracle". Great film, hockey boys and just good times. We both enjoyed ourselves and i realized my natural ambition to sleep with a NHL player. Mac worried that i might have an orgasim in the middle of the theater but it was a good time. We grabbed some burgers and were off to the bar.

We get to the bar and find some parking in a nearby garage and we jump out and valet the car. The little hispanic guy tells us that it is $5 with validation or $25 if you don't go. So we jumped out of the car, went around the corner to get some cash and came back to find a line out side the bar. After a 25 minute wait and various phone calls to make sure that Candice and Kirby haven't call the message and ducked out of the night's plans. No sign of them and Mac is cold and I'm not paying $25 for parking so we finally get in and grab a drink.

I make sure that Mac gets the parking thing sorted out as I go to the bathrrom and do a quick search for the others. No sign and i'm a little annoyed as I head back to the bar where mac is. i trip over some guy and's takes a beat for me to realize that it is Vedder just randomly at the same bar. We talk for a moment and i point out where poor Mac has been surrounded by Euro trash men.

I ome to the rescue and play the boy freind card and save her ass. I tell her that Vedder is there and point him out and then we raise a glass to him. About a beat later I realized that Walker was across the room, too. Both boys join up with us eventually and we have a grand time just hanging out and drinking and talkin. Of course, we are there til the bar closes and we take it out to the street. Mac and Vedder go to get the cars as waler and I talk. It comes up about Kelly and how he thinks it was a mistake, about how he wants to ask out Mac and what a bad idea that is. I explain girl code to him--about how he hooked up with Kelly and how that blcoks him from a lot of people

He asks if this blocks us from happening. If Vedder and mac hadn't shown up with the cars, I don't know what would have happened. That's not true, i do know but......
The Truth about Walker

So after the V-Day fiasco, Mac and I got home and just hung out, laughing about the bar and Vedder and Walker. We were just loopy and silly as we rolled around the house looking for something to eat and making plans for the rest of the weekend.

Imagine to my surprise when Mac just looked at me and said, “What do you want from Walker?” It was a little bit out of left field and just so direct that, even in our semi-drunk state, I was taken aback. I had to think about it for a second and then I realized that even I wasn’t sure. And if something does happen, I’m going to need an explanation that will satisfy the masses.

I guess Walker symbolizes the lack of opportunity to meet men within this group. This isn’t to say he’s a body pillow while I wait for something else to come along but he is chance for me to have something while staying in bounds of the group. I find him interesting, kind of cute and, honestly, someone that I could help out in the long run.

It fits into my habit of being a fixer. I like to help people and while my tactics aren’t always the best, I do try. And Walker, with his drinking problem and his habit of cock blocking Vedder as well as he’s confusing sexual interests—it appeals to me. I guess it is like the Nick issue, someone who I do like and would want to get to know better because I feel I can be of use to them. And that is where my problem lies.

I have a history of trying to do the best by everyone and it is usually not to my own best interest. I will sacrifice my goals and hope in order to make everyone else happy. I will give time, energy and a piece of my heart to anyone who needs it, regardless of whether they will respect that at the end. And Walker falls into that category and combined with the lack of men in this group for me to meet…well, he just becomes something that I can have, as opposed to something I even want or need.

And I do believe we will end up hooking up, being the talk of some parts of the group and then it will be done and just another piece of my history. And if that’s bad, well…we all have those stories, right?

Friday, February 13, 2004

Just Call Me Rory Kane

I have always loved soap operas. I gew on a heavy diet of General Hospital, Santa Barbara and even Sunset Beach and a little Guiding light. I learned much from this unsentimnetal education and have used these lessons well in life. I don't mean waiting for a sweet prince to stumble in or a nice wedding or having an evil twin but sensible things like how to get what you want by using looks, brains and a I-am-the-world motavation.

What this means is that i have studied the best divas on the air. Erica, Lucy, Rev and even a little bit of Gina. Women who are smart, crafty and even a little bit much at times. And these traits are one that i have eagerly absorbed in my system. Not blackmailing or man-stealing, mind you, but the abilty to decide what you want and have a single minded plan to get it.

Which brings this to Libbs. Libbs is the super hot tape master at my current job. Blond, blue eyed and a fashion sense that rivals my own. He is kind, sweet, funny and even a little bit wicked at time and I made the concious decision to figure out to make him mine.

It started in the simplest of ways; finding out his last name (Christian...) his e-mail, work schedule and even his home address. Now before you think stalker i would like to point out that this information is just for a base background on what i am dealing with. Not to call his house, not send scary e-mails but to learn little details. Like the type of neighborhood he likes, whether he is funny enough to have a cute e-mail address or even when i should dress more alluring.

Now, with this information the game was in play and i began to start to make myself noticed. Comments about his neighborhood like talking about cute coffee gouses in the area and then Libbs says something like "Oh, that's by my house." And I look surprised and say something like "really?" I look much more naivee than I am and so this approach works well.

I notice little things as well. A good diva-villan notices not only their surroundings but the unspoke. the ring check on his hand (nothing) the cute picture of the love interest (nada) or even the type of music he listens to. All these tiny details can add up to big ways to save time when I like someone. I don't want to chase after people in relationships or even a metrosexual straight boy. So gathering details can save me time and effort because no one wants to be the gay guy eating out his heart over something he can't have.

I notcied little things like the script that is always on his desk (which he wrote and make me even more into him) and the fact that he likes chocolate covered cherries. (Cute) I was able to engage him in conversation about writing and managed to in a random way tell him about my writing too. He was interested and we talked for about a half-hour.

Now before you judge my tarcits I would just like to say that as gay and lesbians become more mainstream it is harder to pick oursleves out. I mean, it used to be hankies, freedom rings and other easy to spot fashion accessories or tattoos. But now living in a culture exposed to lesbians on daytime, gay in prime time and even out actors and homoerotic subtext in films (hello, "Lord of the Rings") it gets harder to know for sure. And, regardless of place or timing (unless it's a sex club) it is not a good idea to ask someone's sexual prefernce. It's just rude.

So at the end of the day, that's why i do the things I do. I don't want to waste my time or make someone uncomfortable because they are not on my team. Or if they're in a relationship. Or just incompatable. And so I used my skills learned from the halls of daytime's best-- know what you want, find the ways to make it happen and never waste your time. Because there is nothing worse than giving yourself away to the wrong people.

Oh and by the way, Libbs didn't know what I meant by being published in "XY". So I guess I am not going to waste my time anymore. That's what Erica would do.

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

And the Beat goes on....

So work this week as been fun and slow at the same time. While I am happy to be free of the play i am still tired and cranky from my lack of control over my life. I e-mailed Cord earlier this week with no response. I am meeting with Kirby to discuss her script tomorrow and am supposed to meet with Candice for coffee but I don't know how that will play out.

And Kelly and Lizzie are on their way to vegas as I write this. The research for the Hunt has begun and I am not a part of it. :( But I know that this is just what Lizzie needs for the next couple of days and she will be able to get out of town and forget her woes so....more power to her. And i am sure that Kelly will have another great story about the men of Vegas. Hopefully the sailors aren't there now or they won't know what hit them.

As for myself, i am trying to get started on my piece for billie's show and trying to figure out what type of piece to create. I think it is better to go for new material--don't you? And now that I have V-Day plans with Mac and Billie then maybe the boys stuff can get hopping too. Who knows? But hope spring eternal and if I just don't go crazy and toss myself at the hunky Libbs the Tape master. (Though he is hot and blond and just the thing to help me keep my will to live..... I'm sure he is straigh bit is he str8....? That is the question best saved for the wrap party. Yikes Yikes.

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

We Survived Lois

So, last night was the last show, the last dance for Katie and that cast... PADWAD is free! Sounds terrible I know, but let's be honest here... Ruby, Kirby, Valeska and I went for a drink and just a toast to the end of non-art and things we don't care about... Which is good...

My next artistic adventure is writing a monlogue piece for Billie and some writing show she would like to do. I don't know how I feel about this idea nad even if I will write something new or bring out something from the past--like XY stuff....

My stepfather's dad had quad bypass surgey.... He is doing quite well and everyone seems fine about it. I guess I put that in random but I don't know how to describe it here because it fits a s random in my life as it does in this column.....

Saturday, February 07, 2004

New words

Double bagger-- slang term reffering to what action you should take with sexually promisicous person. Refers to the need of two condoms at the same time. Example.... "Collin Farrell is a double bagger."

Homoerotic Attack-- verb. Refers to when one person tries to make another person of same sex uncomfortable via an attck on personal space. Example "Vedd totally put the homoerotic attack on Rory with that lap dance.

Wardrobe failure--slang. Refers to when someone's clothing malfuctions and shows something it shouldn't. Celeb example include Janet and Justin breast issue. Example" I had total wardrobe failure when my boobs popped out of my tube top while reaching for my St. Edes."

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Hell Weekend Part Two

So Sunday came....The super bowl party was great and I was able to hang with evryone briefly... There were some hotties who looked like refugees from a boy band. Nick and I both wonder why the other wasn't flirting with them... Alas, Valeska and I had to leave for the play's opening night but we did get to see the breast that shocked the world.

The play went fine but both Valeska and I were in bad moods because of missing the party but we pulled off our jobs with natural aplom. Then we tried to find out if the party was still on but a large group had gone out to a bar instead; Willis, Mandy, Macy, Davis, Irene, Grant, Kelly and Edie's brother Vedd and his friend Walker. But we could find them so we went out with the cast to have an opening night drink. That was fun though I was distracted by the hottness of Peter in our cats. Just wow...

The evening ended and Valeska and I said by to Ruby, Kirby and the cast and prepared to go home. That's when we recieved a call from Kelly, drunk and in Burbank and loking to score. She told us that she wanted to sleep with Walker. Now Walker is an nice guy but has a huge drinking problem and has woken up many a place without any idea how he got there. He is a prime canidate for stds... So valeska and I went to the bar--which was really hard to find--and tried to put a stop to things....

Of course, everyone was drunk and Valeska and I were both sober which led to the entire "I'm not happy dealing with fools mentallity." I talked with Kelly who said that she din't want to sleep with Walker so the issue was over. Of course, an hour later she is missing and I find her out side the bar, up aginst a wall making out with Walker anyway. So, I was a little pissed and Kelly came over with Walker and talk about how she wasn't gong to keep this up. Walker said she would do whatever she wanted if she just kept kissing him.

In Kelly's drunk state she looked at Walker and said only if you kiss Rory.... The next thing I know I am up against the wall witha drunken and heavy weighting Walker kissing me. I was so startled that I didn't know what to do at first... Then Kelly went in the bar, leaving us outside and Walker, in a momment of concern, asked if he was doing things right. I managed to break away and was a little annoyed at being pimped out.
The rest fo the night was alittle bit angry on my part and Kelly, Walker and Vedd left to go home. I was annoyed even more by this and then was told off by Irene and Grant that I shouldn't care and that Kelly deserves whatever she gets from Walker...std or other things. This pissed me off more because it made me realize how selfish some people are. I know that there was drinking in volved but that just really shows who you are at times.

But the night was saved by Willis and a couple of burgers and friendship. He is a great guy and better friend. If only.... (Oh, by the way, Kelly didn't sleep with Walker....)

Monday, February 02, 2004

Hell weekend Part One...

Hey all. Sorry for the lateness and lack of fresh dirt but life was not my own and has just began to slow down. I am very annoyed as of late but not with this part. Work was as fun as always but I did have a bomb dropped on me and am just ducking my feelings about It. They turned around and offered me full time and a lot more m oney and I can't take it because of the play. I'm mostly bummed but am also quite aware that this was always possible and that I can't hold anyone to blame. The thing that drives me nuts is just that I don't know if anyone involved would make the same choice if the roles were reversed.

But I did see Lucy and it was better than I thought. She is like a well fitting, humrous yet sexy vintage t-shirt. It looks good on a hanger but better on. We met up Friday with Chloe at a bar near work and we just picked up like she never left. She looks stunning and happy and just so much better than I think I have ever seen her.

We bummed around Hollywood...hung at bars and Greccos and laughed and drank and had sushi and beaome the people we all were. It was so much fun and tips scales toward SF and the possibilites there. I love thoses girls and it was just amazing.

Sat was the night of the Resole party at Skylar's and Lucy and Chole came. There were nerves abounding but all for naught--the love was there and things touched back to how we always have wanted to be to each, I think. Lucy was happy, Kelly, Donnie and Renny all fell back in love with her. It was great and happy and just so much better than we had expected.

Of course there was alittle fallout with getting the girls a cab but we were able to get them back in time for their private club party. I cried after Lucy left, just because I was so damn happy for her, and a little for me. And god bless Carol Channing. But when did she have corn? Thanks Chloe!!

That's about it for now. Part two will hopefully be sooner than later. There's still super bowl, the play and the after party to discuss... Yikes