Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mad Men and Seasame Street Equals Amazing

Monday, September 28, 2009


Who else is with me?
Remember My What?

So Kirby, Wynona, Johnno and I went and saw the remake of 'Fame' this past weekend. WIthout giving away too much of the plot, I would have to say that your time and money would be better spent on buying and rewatching your own copy of the original film. There's nothing hugely wrong with it--the cast is mostly okay (I love the actress who played Joy! But the actor who played MArco couldn't be less effective), the directing is pretty much by the numbers (Nothing super exciting but nothing god awful) and the dancing is impressively done (Which speaks to having a former 'So You Think You Can Dance' star in the cast) but the story is so lacking any bite, any heat, any energy of the original.

Now I knew that this would not be as strong as the first film with it's PG rating (The original was rated R) but I was suprised at how weak and disconnected it was. Between obvious plot points with certain characters, another character being sued shamefully because the film makers didn't know how to handle his character and a story so dismantled you didn't even know who half the characters were at points--just a total failure. (The best part is at the end when they flashed up a cast memeber and NONE of the people I was with remembered her having a character in the film!)

At the end--this Fame is not worth remembering, Debbie Allen has only TWO scenes in the whole film and your time could be better spent watching clips on You Tube instead.

But Kelsey, Megan, Bibi and Charles each have great moments in the film. But that is because they are actors who can overcome bad material.
22 is An Odd Number

22 pounds. I have lost that much since starting the diet back on July 5th. It doesn't really feel like that much between my face feeling fat but I think it is an age thing then a fat thing--I don't know. But things fit different, I have to be careful when I order things on line because they don't fit (too big), I put on things that I wear all the time but now look better than ever. It is good.

And the boyfriend has done even better than me--he has lost notciable weight in the face and has gone down a level in the Wii Fit weight scale. We both still talk about food we miss but somehow we both push each other along. It helps that we now have the meal plan on lockdown. (Step one? Don't call it a diet) I have become used to cooking my meals and maing recipes (!!!), making sure I eat enough of the better things and listening to when my body is hungry and feed it right then. I feel like I am getting better.

But I still feel like I have a long way to go. I have to rebalance my workouts now that I no longer have the BB gym, work on my sleeping schedule and remember to walk everyday for at least 45 minutes. This only works if I can keep up the effort and remind myself what it is all good for.

To beat that damn Wii Fit more than anything.
Back to the Regular Scheduled Rory

So I have been wrapping up loose ends and this one fell completely off the screen. Between ending Big Brother, going to the wrap party (Unoffical) for Big Brother, a dinner for the 15th anniverary of 7th Floor Charlesgate, Jewish New Year's bar night and a slew of boring personal things I have finally been able to get myself all caught up.

I dealt with termites in the apartment, a broken dishwasher, a broken internet, a plumbing issue, a credit fraud issue and finished closing out all my paid off credits cards. I have made overdue phone calls, sent well expired thank you cards for gifts and birthday cheer and even managed to upgrade my itunes AGAIN.

These are all the reasons I have not been here. But I is back and will continue to better for the foreseeable future.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Music Whore

I love this song. Like I hum it all the time when I am not aware and people always call me out on it all the time.

Christmas Lights

I feel like I have been surrounded by Christmas lights--pretty colors, flattering lighting and a more than slight distraction. It might be with the show ending or just the general ennui of life changes but I find myself out of sorts. It's not that I am not doing what I want or how I want it but more that I don't really know the answer to the question.

For so long I have been so sure but as of late I have been less than hundred percent when it comes to going and getting what I want. It is mostly because I just don't know what it is--and it bothers me. I have always felt that to be happy you have to be going after things with passion, with gusto, and balls to the wall.

But right now I am not sure what that is for me. It is very jarring to feel a bit useless and uncertain after all this time--I mean, I have a great place, good friends, an amazing boyfriend but I still feel like I am somehow without a paddle.

I am even using boring turns of of phrase. I don't know

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

It Is Whatever You Want It to Be

I have been a bit bored lately--the show is wrapping up, lots of parties that seem to blur into one and another after a certain point and am just going through the day to day of the diet and working out and avoiding the heat. It is as exciting as it sounds. But all that being said, i kind of can't wait to be unemployed again.

I mean it will be all about working on the book (with notes from the boys), coffee with the kids during the week, working out more than twice a day, making time for wine with friends who have office hours and cleaning out y closet between bouts of calls with my mom and various others on the to call list.

But I am looking for things to get excited about. New music? Books to read? Anything that is not tv?

suggestions and stuff....