Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Childhood Reharvested Twice!

Kelly sent me this little blurb this morning

Comedy Central is working with Kanye West on a project called Alligator Boots that merges hip-hop and the Muppets, according to THR. A 30m pilot has been shot which showcases music produced and performed by West and rapper Rhymefest. Future episodes plan on having a different celebrity guest host like the original Muppet Show. The project is produced by Jackhole Productions, founded by Jimmy Kimmel, Daniel Kellison and Adam Carolla, the company that also produced Crank Yankers for Comedy Central. West, Rhymefest and Ellison are all executive producing Alligator Boots

Which made me remember how much I loved the short lived 'Muppets Tonight'. Especially this clip...

The goodness starts at 3:51

God Bless Jim Henson

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Stage is Swept and the Lights Are Off

As of 7am tomorrow morning it will be a week since I finished up with 'Big Brother 10'--though I honestly don't think my job has truly ended until the huge wrap party because it is networking with drinks and sexual antics--very 'Mad Men'/60's workplace. But now the gag reel is over and the house guests have all been returned to whatever rocks we found them under and it is time to get back to the swing of things.

I have spent the last few days on a breakneck vacation of sorts between coffee in the afternoon with friends, midnight shopping sprees with Edie, weekend nights spent in lofts with the best friends and other nights in the backyards with Pam Grier and Isaac Hayes among other mixed company. It has been good to see and do everything I have missed in the last 9 months--give or take a week here and there--to feel like I am connected within my own skin again.

But it is still odd to know I will not see most of my BB family for the next year or so--especially since 9 months is such a long time in the world we work in. As a freelancer, you tend to jump alot from show to show with weeks or maybe a month or two working then off to the next gig and while you make friends on most shows it is a very short term relationship in most cases. Like army buddies or homeroom classmates--good in the moment but not much outside of it.

So to be honest--it makes me a bit bummed out to not be with my BB family for the foreseeable future and that is much more than I expected to feel. Sad seems a bit too dramatic a way to describe it and yet few other words seem to fit. And I have been trying to get myself excited and into a new routine with things like an hour of yoga or changing the sheets over to winter layers or spending quiet time with candles and Buddha but at the end of the night it feels weird to not know when I'll see any of those people again.

I think I might be on the verge of being sentimental person.

It's time for bed.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Balancing Boys

So I have been trying to be a lot more proactive than normal as of late. There’s no reason for any major push forward on the dating front but I have just decided to just get things rolling and see where I can take myself. I’m sure it had to do with the upswing in reactions to my dating profiles but whatever the reason I felt the need to get out there more.

Which has led me to an interesting position—of having a bit more attention than I am used to and being uncertain as how to handle it. This is not meant to be bragging but just some musings on where my head is like when it comes to men.

The first guy I started emailing with was Judd. Now Judd was a guy who had tried to start something up back in May but between work and weddings and everything else I was kind of not responsive. I wasn’t meaning to blow him off but I kind of did so I was surprised that he was still following my page views and profile updates so religiously. And then when I emailed him that I couldn’t be counted on for much in the near future he was all kind of like ‘I can wait as long as you need me to’ which would be flattering if we had ever had some serious talks but nothing. I just get an odd vibe.

Then there is Noah. Noah was a profile I randomly stumbled across that just seemed to stick out and so I figured I would send a flirt or two. He responded right away and we started a nice run of flirty yet not too flirty emails that covered a lot of ground. It wasn’t until an innocent exchange of answers that I got weirded out.

He had asked what one on my favorite passages was in an book and I used the opening lines of ‘Anna Karenina’ which was ‘Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way’ and I described how I felt that it really illustrated how people find more creative value in unhappiness then happiness. The response I received was a dissertation on love and misery and how you had to have both in order to have a real relationship. It was a bit jarring to realize that one) this guy seemed to be implying that you need strum and drag for a relationship as well as two) that he was already throwing around the love word.

Then there is Robert. Now he emailed me out of the blue with a very direct email about how he felt he and I should become friends and starting chatting ASAP. At first he didn’t have a profile I could read (which means usually I won’t respond) but after I requested one he complied. I read his profile and I was confused—everything he was and wanted was nothing at al like me. He wears Brooks Brothers and considers himself to have a slight sense of humor and is not very emotional. I wrote him back and said that I was probably not his type—without being too exact I just basically said I was too Bohemian and shallow for his taste and I was not sure what he thought would come out of it. He responded that I was the first person to not give him more of a shot.

And finally there is Colin. Now Colin is a profile I have run into many times but have never tried to contract. He is very cute and seems like exactly my type but also seemed a bit out of my league so I just never bothered. Then I ran into his profile in a random way and decided to give it a shot and he seems eager but flighty. So I don’t know what to think but our few emails have been light and breezy which is a good sign.

And so now I am confused. Do I blow off the two that seem really into me but might be totally wrong even though I always argue that you should give everyone one date before writing them off? Do I just focus on the one that seems like the best match? And what do I do about the one who seems too into me—trust my gut and just walk or let it lay out?

These are times when I wish I had a headwriter for my life.

Friday, September 12, 2008


So the way most people feel about films or music or fashion is kind of how I feel about interior design.
There is something about that I find very comforting and creative and nothing makes me more excited then when I find the perfect idea on how to redo any personal space. Whether it is hanging art at a new apartment for a friend or rearranging an office for better flow I just take a Zen feeling from the whole process. I suppose this comes form my childhood and constantly having two bedrooms to make my own which was really important to my parents after the divorce and was a need I carried with me through college (I always had to have my room fully decorated before I even saw anyone else besides the roommates) and well into my apartment days in Los Angeles (to this date I still can’t believe the biggest piece of art we had in 236 was the Studio 54 poster but it so worked.)

Explanation made—I am going to what Lucy does with music, Chloe does with recipes, Dominic does with films and Joy does with diets trends and just give a shout out to something amazing I found on the internet. I wrote awhile back about want to change the mojo of my bedroom—for a slew of reasons some which were good and some which were just confusing and in the process I began annoyed with my inability to find a nice, inexpensive headboard for my bed. I never had a headboard before but had created a faux with a mirror length and some shelves. Being older, I figured it was time to take the plunge and splurge a little but as picky as I am there was nothing good enough to satisfy me.

So then I started to search for different options. I started small with things like room dividers, pieces of art, maybe a paint technique when I stumbled across some wall stickers at the Urban Outfitters website. I wasn’t sure even after I bought them if it was a good idea. Would they look to immature or sloppy or worst of all—cheap? But I figured the worst thing that could happen would be that I would end up returning them the day after they arrived at my apartment. So I waited until they came and well…

I love them!

I mean—if I had known that something so simple and inexpensive had existed years ago I would have never painted the apartment. They go easily with just a few minutes application and just instantly add color and design to a blank wall. They come in a million different designs from abstract botanicals all the way through to classical patterns such as paisley, lace and various other wall treatments. They stick on and can be pealed off so no walls to repaint. And they come in very color you can imagine and in easily to read instructions and perfectly sized kits. If you are looking to add some quick bang to a room and have the time and energy to go this route—I would highly recommend it.

Here are some shots of the various ideas off their website.

The webiste is