Monday, October 30, 2006

In Case You Were Wondering

The boy and I went as a lesiban couple on our 2nd date. How can you tell? Notice that she got a box of stuff to move right on in with!!!

My life partner sure knows how to handle a box!!!!

Friday, October 27, 2006

One Singluar Sensation
LogoThere is:
person with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

Damn Right!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Some Times It’s Like Throwing Yourself Under A Train.

Have you ever had this happen to you? You do A and your friend does B which equals C which is not really ideal but is the honest result. You point out C to your friend and they take it be some type of slam/criticism which it was not intended to be?

I just feel like I pulled an ‘Anna Karenina’ via a rather innocent conversation I had. It wasn’t meant to passive aggressive and yet is being taken as such. And I feel like it is going to get worse and someone who shouldn’t be might end up with hurt feelings. There is no recourse but I think it totally sucks and yet there is nothing to be done.

And it will confirm something for this person that might not be true but will happen to be the fallout of the whole situation.

How much more cryptic can I be?

Monday, October 23, 2006

Top Five Vetoed Costumes

So the boy and I are going to be doing a couple's costume for Halloween which might be a first for both of us. The hard thing about being a male couple is that one's options are some what limited. That being said--here are the top five runners up.

1) Hobbits. This one is a costume that we will probably do eventually but just didn't seem possible this year. It didn't help that there was a bit of a fight/snafu about which pair of hobbits we would be. I was much more of a fan of Sam and Frodo but Samuel claimed that Sam is Frodo's bitch and he didn't want to be portrayed that way. Of course he's my Sam and so I agreed even if I thought it was a bit reaching. Then with Merry and Pip lead to a debate as to which of us was more like which of them. I'm sure we'll be debating that next year.

2) Mario and Luigi. This idea came up due to the fact someone else in the group is going as Princess Toadstool and we could be her sidekicks. While a cute idea it was killed by Samuel's reveal that he was Mario once already. In fifth grade.

3) Mark Foley and his 'page'. This was not a real option since it would have been rather abstract and would have involved me doing grey hair and poor Samuel just being a faceless page.

4) The Jack in the Box Commercial. Everyone should know this one--with the 'Milkshake' song and the hot guy just shaking and spanking the cow. While I admit being dressed as a cow would have been quite fun--I just didn't want to spend the whole night being spanked and shaken. That's something for us to do alone.

5) Jean Bennett Ramsey and John Karr. Horribly inappropriate but hysterically funny at the same time. I was even willing to do real drag for this number with blond curls and a quite but scary cowboy hat with overdone make up. But John Karr would have been hard. And he wasn't even guilty so why expand on his fifteen minutes?

But hopefully what we came up with is good. It could be rather offensive which is enough for me and the boy. Or at least it is for me.

Friday, October 20, 2006

The Nuns Did It.

I think I have lost it....really....

It's a good thing....really....
Friday Frights

So this morning I arrived at work a bit early and was talking smack with my cousin DJ as finishing up my cigarette. I do this often because of the time difference I find it easy to keep up with my East Coast friends and family by calling first thing in the morning. Its kind of become a ritual.

One side note—I work in the DGA building down in Hollywood which is only important in that the entire front of the building is glass. Now you might think that this would allow you to see inside easily but it is very tinted—like rap gangsta SUV tinted—so it is next to impossible to see.

Usually in the mornings, after I finish my smoke and my phone call, I head in and chat briefly with the security guard because he’s usually lonely since I am one of the first faces he sees. He’s a nice guy and is very happy which usually gets me started off on the right—that and he’s good at the heads up as to who’s already come in that morning. It’s a lot like the guard from ‘The Devil Wears Prada’.

Back to the story though. DJ and I were just at the tail end of our shite canning the various family members and just about to hang up so I stubbed out my smoke and made for the door. As I opened the door I gave a little shocked gasp because there were people crowding the lobby. Not just a couple of people—close to about 70.

As if this wasn’t starling enough—I opened the door in front of a caravan of nuns. All habits and sensible shoes. Needless to say I stopped short and just went flushed. My cousin was freaking out on the phone because I had stopped mid-sentence. The last thing I remember saying was ‘I can’t handle this’. There might have been more but I don’t remember.

But what I do remember was the nuns parting so I could make my way through. I felt like they were just kind of staring at me. Which was possible because I was wearing my ‘Love is for Losers’ t-shirt. I barely made it in the elevator with a straight face.

I hadn’t realized the Christian Film Festival was starting that early this morning.
The Power Nap, Laughter, and Face Crème

So as of late I have been tired. I’m not sure why—I think it might have something to do with my hour long commute or I have some deadly disease like diabetes. (Thanks ‘Brothers and Sisters’) I knew that my problem was pretty serious when on three separate nights this week I came, changed it sweatpants and hid on my couch watching hours of ‘General Hospital’ and HGTV instead of doing anything productive. It’s kind of scary because I was starting to feel a little bit like Mrs. Garrett with the antisocial, shoveling food down and waiting for the new episode of ‘Top Model’.

Upon realizing this trend I decided to take a different track and go back to my old favorite—the power nap. See, for years this has been my coping mechanism for my busy social life. That if I can work a 25 minute lie down then I could recoup enough energy to keep going with my day. That and I realize that maybe I needed to call people during the week and see if they want to hang. But before I do that—I need to get the timing just right on the nap schedule.

Of course this solution didn’t really solve the question of why I was feeling this. And I think it might have more to do with my job then any commute. It’s just that my job is really divided into two parts—either mind numbingly boring or so overwhelming challenging that my mind just freaks out. It’s either stressful of stupid.

I’ve taken to listening to music while I do the more paperwork aspects of the job. This is fine but you can only listen to the same songs so many times before you just start flashing back to all the retail positions you’ve held with all the shifts where you heard Macy Gray three times in like two hours. So because of the Boy I decided to see if I could find a way to listen to Jonny McGovern’s pod casts while on the job.

Happily I found the Gay Pimp’s myspace page and have been able to use his comedy show to help me get through the worst of times at the job. It’s really easy to forget how much laughter can make you feel better and keep you going even through most mundane of things. It’s made me more chipper and just fun to be around in the office. I highly suggest that if you have long drives for work or need something besides music to get you through the day then check my Top Friends. It’s a good routine to have handy.

Finally I just recently got back into the world of skin care. Normally I’m pretty good about doing the normal stuff—drink lots of water, washing my face at least once a day with a good product and once a week with a scrub—but the summer always throws me off. I’m more about doing the fake tan/bronzer than anything else just because it’s too warm to want to put any type of lotion on and risk clogging more pores.

Then came last Friday. I was coming out of the bathroom and just happened to glance in the mirror and I just looked janky. Now I knew that I was bit stressed and fluorescent lighting is no one’s friend but I just like shite throw up on itself and it was depressing. And maybe it’s a combination of things with being so tired and then looking so ragged that I just felt old. Really old.

But I decided to do something about it and got back into taking care of myself skin-wise. A little more cleansing, some good skin crème and a few other changes to my look have made me feel much better. That and I decided that any mirror in fluorescent lighting doesn’t count.

That all being said—it’s been nice to get back into the swing of things and just remembering ways to try and take care of me. Even if it seems shallow it really has helped out immensely.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

George is Such a Cutie.

(from Perez Hilton)

Grey's Anatomy cutie, T.R. Knight, has come out of the closet!!!

"I guess there have been a few questions about my sexuality, and I'd like to quiet any unnecessary rumors that may be out there," Knight said in a statement. "While I prefer to keep my personal life private, I hope the fact that I'm gay isn't the most interesting part of me."

This is so awesome. We really shed a tear!!

We've come so far in just one year.

Note to up-and-coming actors (and politicans as well): the rules are changing. Be out and proud from the beginning!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I've Always Had A Thing for Erections.

So I’ve always loved architecture. Every since I can remember I have always found buildings and their importance to their society to be very interesting; especially in terms of where the structure belongs in the culture’s history. I might be one of the only people I know who can name the 7 Ancient Wonders of the World without looking them up and so I found this today on-line and was very intrigued.

It’s a contest to vote for what should be considered the New 7 Wonders of the World. And while I have questions about the street cred of this website I still found myself reading through the many options and trying to guess which ones might win.

I’m going to say that its probably the obvious choices like the Great Wall, Taj Mahal, Statue of Liberty, the Roman Colosseum, Effiel Tower, Stonehenge, and the Pyramids of Giza (though this is a part of the Ancient Wonders and so shouldn’t be considered). But that’s not at all how I voted.

You should take a look for yourself—tell me how you voted and I'll do the same.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Anti Fashion—CROCS

I’m just going to point something out here. These are the world’s ugliest shoes.

I juts don’t get the appeal….at all. And there is always an ugly somewhere out there on the fashion scene but most ideas have a defense of some sort. I mean, Uggs at least looked really comfortable even if they gave the impress that you had stolen the footwear of a poor defenseless Eskimo. But Crocs? They’re like Jellies fat ugly cousin who is never going to fit in.

I mean—I could understand wearing these if you were going to be taking a shower in a pubic place—like the community swimming pool or at a campground or even the gym—and your only choice was to be either seen in these shoes or getting some type of foot disease. No one deserves foot disease. But then again, no one deserves to have their feet look like this…

Maybe it would help if we set some ground rules. Some way for people to know when wearing Crocs is appropriate. Here’s the best guideline I can think of…

1) Crocs may be worn when gardening in the privacy of one’s own yard/estate.

2) Crocs may be worn by anyone in a service position that requires standing all day such as co-op worker or Starbuck barista.

3) Lesbians at large. But not the lipstick lesbians.

4) Lesbian gardeners that work at the local co-op between shifts at Starbucks are ENCOURAGED to wear Crocs. Your life is painful enough already.

But what is not appropriate is this…

Seriously?! What is this about?

If anyone I loved ever showed up at red carpet event in my honor with these shoes on—they would get escorted out. This is like the ‘fuck you’ of footware to even think that this would be the ‘right choice’. It’s not even the right choice for a party at the Super House.

It’s not that I’m against comfort. But I am against ugly.
Passport to Adventure

So this past week I really tried to get my shite together. With Ali’s birthday cruise about 6 weeks away I realized that I needed to get my passport done. I haven’t had one since I was a child and it was about time. Last weekend (not this past one) I took a tip from Ali herself and went to Hollywood and Highland since she told me there was a small post office as well as a Kodak store that could do my pix super fast and take my paperwork.

Of course the best laid plans went astray with the Kodak’s printing machine being broke so I couldn’t get my picture taken. I was like Johnny Depp in ‘Nick of Time’ as I tried to find a place that could get them done in time for me to get them turned in. When I finally found a place I ran back to the post office to ask if they could wait for my pictures a few extra minutes but that I would turn in my paperwork and checks in the meantime.

Imagine to my surprise that the post office where I had just been earlier was now closed. Not just locked doors like maybe they went to lunch but lights off, gate down, no signs of life closed. And at this point I gave up—I was so frustrated that I ended up going for a little retail therapy and buying myself the DVD of “Dallas’ seasons 1 and 2. I just couldn’t handle any more stress and I knew that if I turned in the paperwork the next weekend I would be fine. The extra time would allow me to get my pix done after work since the Kodak machine would be fixed Monday night.

Now the next part should surprise nobody—I ended up spending the next week stopping by the Kodak store every night and every night the machine was still broken. I was starting to think of other game plans and looking into other places to get the pictures done. It was almost amusing—I say almost because I was starting to feel the heat from certain people about getting my paperwork in order.

So Friday rolled around and I found myself looking at the various places on line to get my stuff taken care off. I found a slew of post offices with picture service so I wouldn’t have to worry about that part of the process and could just concern myself with figuring out which office would be the least busy. I had a goal and the means to get it done so as I left work I was feeling set.

And it was raining that night. I didn’t really get a chance to check the Friday weather report so I had nothing on me to help stay dry but I walked anyway because it was a light rain and I like being wet so it was fine. Of course by the time I got to the Hollywood and Highland Metro stop I was a bit too wet and so I ran up to the bathroom to dry off a little. Imagine my surprise when I saw that Kodak store had its machine up and running.

Taking this to be a sign I went in and decided to get my picture done. The same guy who had seen me every night that week was quite excited and we quickly got everything set up for a couple of quick photos. Sitting in front of the white screen as he warmed up the camera—I lost it. Just burst out laughing hysterically because I realized that I was about to take the WORST picture of my whole life. I looked like a drowned rat after a nice roll in a dryer—with crazy hair and shiny skin and a bright red nose. Poor Waylu had to hold off because I was laughing so hard but eventually I pulled myself together long enough for a few quick snaps.

Photos done and in hand I was feeling quite good as I made my home. The pictures weren’t as bad I thought, with my hair looking somewhat dry and my nose not looking to red. Though it did amuse me to realize that I had two very dry stripes on my shirt that came from the straps of my backpack. But all in my entire mission was accomplished.

So the next morning I woke up early and headed out to turn in my paperwork. I was stunned to find out that the Hollywood Highland post office had changed it hours and was no longer open on Saturdays—turns out my visit last weekend was one of the last Saturdays that office was open. I quickly regrouped and made my way to the next nearest post office. I called Kirby on the way to ask if she could tell me the office’s passport hours and it turned out that I would be cutting it close. Almost too close.

So Kirby decided to help me out by picking me up and getting me to the post office with time to spare. Of course the person who would sign off on my paperwork wasn’t there and was at lunch but they weren’t sure if and when she would be back. After a moment Kirby and I decided to try the next closest office and after visiting SIX places we finally found a post office that had someone who could do my paperwork, that was actually there, and didn’t have a line. I almost kissed the ground and praised Jesus.

Of course the best part of all was that when I went to pay the woman asked me if I wanted to expedite the process. I was confused and said no because I didn’t have the extra 100 some odd dollars to pay for it. That and I had been told that the passport should only take 4-6 weeks. The passport lady then said it take 6 to 8 weeks and that I was risking not getting the passport back in time. But I decided that I couldn’t really afford to pay the extra money and so I would just take my chances. So now it’s a 50/50 crap shoot if I’ll be going to Mexico.

I figure my luck’s got to change sometime.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Serial Fun

I love horror films. Because of this I have always loved Friday the 13ths in general because some channel is always showing some type of slasher marathon. Back when I was younger it was always USA Network before ‘Up All Night’ and nowadays it’s AMC with its bizarre library of ‘not America classic films’. This being said—I have always had a fondness for a certain Mr. Jason Voorhees.

Not that he is even the best of the slasher boys—that belongs to Freddy Kruger—or that his films are that deep—unlike Michael Meyers with his family issues—but there is something quite terrifying about the Hockey masked, non-running, undying machine. I recently stumbled across some interesting facts about the first film and where the franchise really started.

Can you believe that she ^^^ was the first choice for Alice Hardy—the heroine of the original film. The directors and studio believed that she could pull off the charm and sweetness needed to make the audience care whether she lived or died. However the plans were sidelined by Sally Field winning the Oscar for ‘Norma Rae’. I can’t understand at all why she would turn down a turn with Jason.

Betsy Palmer—best known for playing Jason’s mother and getting Drew Barrymore killed in ‘Scream’—recently admitted in a BTS documentary that Jason character was meant to have Downs Syndrome. This is why the campers make fun of him and the counselors ignore him which leads to his death and his bloodlust for nubile teenagers. Which is very interesting.

But not as interesting as Kane Hodder talking about his favorite kills. He is THE JASON who appears in almost all the films--with exception of one or two for which Edie’s boyfriend portrayed the prolific killer—and should know what a good death for Camp Crystal Lake. What’s scary is he picked the “sleeping bag” death from ‘Part VII’ which is the SCAREST and GROSSEST thing I have ever seen. And is so infamous they repeated it in ‘Jason X’.

I was planning on closing this out with some pix or YouTube of the scene but that’s not fun. And Friday the 13 is scary enough already.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Nothing Quite Like....
Being at the office and not being able to do your job due to computer issues. And I have read all my webistes and done all my goofing e-mailing for the day.

I just wish they would send us home.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I've Been Those Girls

Miss Joy sent me this THING early this morning

And it is too much. I have no frame of refrence for something like this. The hair (why?) the grills (nasty) the obviously pride these two felt at getting their picture taken at what appears to be some type of fair and/or BBQ.

What I can relate to is the two girls in the background. So much so that I can imagine their conversation.

GIRL 1 "Oh girl--what is that?"

GIRL 2 "I don't know--but I think its dead."

GIRL 1 "If not--we have to kill that bitch again."

GIRL 1 "It's nasty.

GIRL 2 "I think they were on 'Flavor of Love'.(PAUSE) Oh shit-is that your moms?"

GIRL 2 "Damn--someone better call DSS."

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Pussy Pants

There are times when I swear that I might be working in a frat house instead of a high end production company. Like when I see at least one television permanently glued to the sports in EVRY room. Or maybe it's the fact that there are constant updates being passed via e-mail for a game that is on the TV in every room.



Or it could be the men's' room where it seems every guy on staff likes to either talk on the phone—or in one case eat—while standing at the urinal. (I am assuming the eating guy was IMPORTANT and BUSY to have to do this.) It might be the fact that guys never close stall door when doing whatever in them and just keep talking like nothing is going on. Now if this was a dorm—or maybe even some place more public such a movie theatre—I could understand this. But this is a workplace. Not the lost set of 'Animal House'.

But of course nothing tops this morning conversation which managed to revolve around the guys going to a bar (SHOCKER) to watch the recap of same game we had on in the office. (ALL AFTERNOON) I got to listen as they talked about getting our intern so shitfaced he puked in the parking lot (AND HOW THEY ALMOST LEFT HIM THERE) before they went to another bar to pick up some girls (NO WAY). But the cherry to my day is that I got to hear about how one of the guys didn't change clothes from yesterday (WHICH EXPLAINED THE VODKA SMELL) which led to a recap for the office about how some hot, skanky, sweaty girl sat on his lap—sans panties—and left a wet spot on his pant leg thus earning his jeans the nickname 'pussy pants'.

But the best part to this story? The men in question were ALL OLDER THAN ME. Not only am I working in a frat but it might actually be with frat extras from "Animal House". You know it's sad when the brats from your MTV show are the most mature thing you deal with during your day.



Quote of the Week

Miss Valeksa made me spit out coffee with this one.

Him and I sit face to face... picture a straight cop/gay cop thing.

Regarding her new co-worker and how their skills combine. Now there's a buddy cop movie for ya!!!

Monday, October 09, 2006

How Sad

New York City landmark CBGB is closing its doors!

The legendary music venue is shutting down for good after a protracted rent dispute with the building's landlord.

The rent dispute began last year, when the Bowery Resident's Committee sent a notice that Kristal owed $91,000 in back rent. Kristal contended the bill stemmed from rent increases he was never told about. He said the terms to renew the lease were double or triple the $19,000 he paid per month.
A deal reached shortly after the lease expired on Aug. 31, 2005, allowed Kristal to stay in the club for 14 more months - in exchange for ending the court battle and attempts to turn the space into a historic landmark.

A performance by punk pioneer and CBGB alum Patti Smith this coming Sunday will be the final show of the club's iconic 32-year history.

CBGB owner Hilly Kristal, however, is negotiating to open a CBGB in Las Vegas, perhaps by March.

"CBGB's changed the face of rock in New York City and gave countless bands opportunities they might never have had ... to be seen and heard ... at the palace of punk," says Lou Reed. "It will be sorely missed if it does in fact go into the ether of memories."

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Quote of the Week

Who says fine dining and conversation are dead? Me--with the help of quotes like this...

"I'm a anal picker..." Joy regarding her eating habits.

She really should have saved that for Samuel's inappropriate birthday.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Two Words

YOU ... C A N ... O N L Y ... T Y P E ... TWO... W O R D S !

N O ... E X P L A N A T I O N S !
Not as easy as you might think...

1. Yourself:
Precarious chaotic

2. Your bf/gf?
Sexy hobbit

3.Your hair?
Shaggy blond

4.Your Mom:
Far away

5.Your father:
Further away

6. Your Favorite Item:
My books

7. Your dream last night:
Never remember

8. Your Favorite drink:
Vodka tonic

9. Got milk?
Never ever

10. The Room You Are In:
My office

11. Your Ex:
Abba reject

12. Your fear?
Writers block

13. Where you want to be in 10 years?
Sexy family

14. Who you hung out with last night?
Me myself

15. What You're Not:
Manorexic clone

16. Your Best Friends:
My bitches

17. One of Your Wish List Items:
Perfect outfit

19. The Last Thing You Did:
Bought stamps

20. What You Are Wearing:
Emo tee

21. Your Favorite Weather:
Santa Anas

22. Your Favorite Book:
Catch Trap

23. The Last Thing You ate:
Bagel bagel

24. Your Life:
Deliberately chic

25. Your Mood:
Sleepy smiley

26. Your body:
Likable mess

27. What are you thinking about right now:
Avoiding roommate

28. Your Crush:
Always myself

29. What are you doing at the moment:
Watching idiots

30. What are you doing today:
Transcribing idiots

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

When Bored at Work

This is fun to do--instant message (IM as the kids call it) your friends with funny/inappropiate words... But in 36 type, bold, and red. Trust me--nothing is nearly as funny as....

Hot Pants

When you're least expecting it.

It's even funnier when you do it not knowing your friend is away from the desk and so when they come back from the bathroom they see the word

Home Wrecker

on their computer from across the office. Its good times!!!!
Best Show Ever

So--I'm geeking all over the place but my str8 girl crush is back. Last night I got to see the season opener of "Veronica Mars" and it was good. What made it even better was that I got to watch it with Jac--who's never seen an episode--and not only did she get it (new locale for college and new characters made it so not dependent on watching the first two seasons--in a good way) but she loved it. And she doesn't even like tv.

Of course I'm worried about the show--I always worry about good cult shows--but now new viewrs have no excuse to not jump. Especially since the pilot is all over MSN for free!!!!

Anyways--I love this show and just want to spread the word.

Monday, October 02, 2006

The Sound of Settling—Down That Is

It’s been weird as of late. I hadn’t really occurred to me until last night how much as changed in the last year or so out here in La la land. That’s not to say that things ever stay the same but there’s always been a pattern, a routine that we’ve all kind of stuck with. There are the serious couples and the singles and the hook ups and the break ups and the little changes that seem to happen almost like they were scheduled.

But now things seem to be settling. Between Valeska and JD getting together, Johnny and Kelly finally moving into their own place this weekend, Lizzie ditching roommates for her own pad and all the house renting with the married couples—it just feels like we’re getting older.

And there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s to be expected and the fact they’ve all held out for so long is more abnormal than anything and we’re just getting on track with most of our peers. It just wasn’t until my last cigarette in the roof at Kelly and Lizzie’s old place that I realized how far we’d all come suddenly. That and there’s no more frat house party pads to be had or Lizzie and Kelly blow outs to look forward too.

And it doesn’t make me feel any better that Briar owns a cool house down in Venice where she and Dominick are shaking up 70’s style. Or that Edie and I have talked about when we might split up the apartment.

I think that was the one I wasn’t expecting.
Music Bitch

I love music—always have and probably always will. As a kid the only gifts I ever got after age 9 were books and music—so much music that by 13 I had almost 500 tapes. Yeah tapes—I know this dates me but whatever.

That being said, now that I have my itunes up and running; it is like crack. So I made a deal with myself—that once a month I can buy 2 sets of ten songs but that’s all. And because my life is so riveting I decide to post my first ten.

1) “Crucify” by Army of Lovers. Gay, gothic and mid 90s. Is there anything sillier?

2) “You Promised Me” by In-Grid. Yeah—it’s really gay and really French. But it does make me dance around my bathroom in the morning so.

3) “Save Me” by Amie Mann. Because I really like sad songs about self destructive people. Not that I know what that’s like.

4) “Bonnie and Clyde 04” by Beyonce and Jay Z. Cause they’re sexy and hip hop royalty. That and I love the title alone.

5) “Lotion in the Basket” by Greenskeepers. This song is fucked up—and I knew it well before the ‘Grey Anatomy’ episode. But it is very danceable.

6) “Common People” by Pulp. Because it’s sexy and ironic and makes me think of a certain boy from back in the day. I think you know who you are…

7) “Boyfriend” by Ashlee Simpson. Because she’s the Simpson to root for. If you have to pick one….

8) “We Run This” by Missy Elliot. I just love this song. And the high school band bit at the end is just fucking awes.

9) “Crush on You” by the Jets. It was my first album and to this day I still know every damn word. I really wanna karaoke this one.

10) “Lovely Day” by Bill Withers. If you saw ‘Roll Bounce’ then you know why… I just want to find a pair of those headphones.

I’m going to keep updating this—because I’m fascinating.