Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Quote of the Day

"Respect your haters... They're the only ones who think you're better than them."

True words 

Sunday, February 22, 2015


Obsession: Eldredge Knots

So sometimes when I'm researching one thing for the blog I find other awesome stuff that I have to wait to share... Like my crush on Julian Eldman--another Patriots footballer--or wanting to post all of Missy Elliot's music as my Friday jam... But I usually find some form of restraint

Except when it comes to this

Now here's the thing--my hatred for neckties is legendary among lovers, roommates and family members... There is something that feels overly controlling about them and not in a fun "Fifty Shades of Grey" way but more of "the Jews in the Ten Commandments" way.... But this knot really spoke to me with its unique style and finish--it's a conversation piece and somewhat of a dandy in the world of neckwear

And if you know me-the word dandy is something I aspire to... Unless it is a reference to this past season of American Horror Story: Freakshow... Because then that makes it the worst

(Special thanks to Youtique Bridal for the video)

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Etsy Eclectic

Etsy Eclectic: Yehudalight

I love home decor and the more custom you can make it the better it is... And nothing is more special and seductive than the right lighting in your living space; good for romance, intimate conversations with friends or something calming for a good cup of tea or fancy nightcap.

Plus if we have learned nothing from any and all home decor shows--LIGHTING IS A MUST.

I was surprised just browsing in Etsy when I realized that they had entire categories for things likes recycled material sofas, carved kitchen tables and handcrafted light fixtures like this:

Isn't this something moody and sweet to hang in a bedroom or a small reading nook? It practically whispers moody, arty and eclectic moments happen here with me... I can already see it on some design show with Candice Olson or Vern Yip as they put the finishing touches on a master suite or 

And the interesting thing about this company is all of the pieces are handmade in Israel-Tel Aviv by one artisan and his team--and they do more than just free hanging chandeliers with their floral motif.

The store does mirrors, hooks, and scones as well at what seem reasonable prices for unique works of art. I'm not sure how the shipping and handling effects the cost or if the store can do special orders but with their wide range of items it would be hard to not find something for those into the quirky and sweet.

I mean this stuff is truly special and I can't wait to have the perfect breakfast room or spa bathroom for something like this--such a conversation piece--and it's not glass so while it is fragile it can still take a slight beating.

Like when you accidentally hit with a piece of clothing as you strip down under it's sensual glow with someone special--or someone you met that night.... Who am I to judge?

(As always--I did not receive anything for writing about this store... It's cause I love the product)

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Street Style

Street Style Military Toppers

I love this look--military accents with jeans and soft shoes and tropical prints... I'm not sure how I feel about the pegged pants or the overly matching denim look-AKA Canadian Tuxedo--but I think the hat is just a fun twist on how to be military inspired.

It's that right combination of masculine and feminine between the hard materials, soft prints, rough accessories and crisp folds and lines. It's something both practical and stylish which is something can be really hard to pull in one's day to day look

Monday, February 16, 2015

Inspiration Monday

Inspiration Monday: Mahogany

Mahogany is one of my favorite films of all time--a splashy 70s epic about a young secretary who becomes a fashion model then a world renowned designer played by Diana Ross with Billy Dee Williams as her love interest... It is the soaped up, mostly Black version of the "The Way We Were" with issues mixed in with famous locales, high-end stars and the fashions...

I mean--this is living!!!!

This year the film turns 40--and besides hoping in vain for a big screen showing somewhere in Los Angeles--they are putting out a new version of the film on DVD.... Rumor is it will include amazing fashion stills from the picture, commentary on the looks as well as the tone of the film and all it really needs is a life-size poster or a candle as part of the box set.

Here is more on the new DVD set...

I love this film because it is an unlikely epic of fashion and romance set against racism and politics and features two of the biggest stars of its time serving a very sexual chemistry--and that isnt even talking about the Anthony Perkins playing straight!!!! (Which HAS to be seen). There is something oddly important about the film in all of its terrible camp, an earnest attempt to be a film for everybody and that is what I respect most of all about it as someone who comes from a group that doesn't get much in the way of mainstream films...

But before I get too serious--just watch the trailer

Saturday, February 14, 2015

A Little Romance

A Little Romance

I know I have posted pictures in the past of Louie Armstrong and his wife--their world tour of romance and trumpets is one of the most inspiring things I have ever seen... When you think of the time period these pictures were taken in, how black people were treated not just in the USA but around the world, there is something even more powerful and romantic about this brave show of who they were and how they loved... I can only wish for Johnno and I to be so brave

Happy Valentine's Day--love loud and proud

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Yeah I Would

Yeah I Would

I know everyone is all about him but yeah I would totally hook it up with the Gronk... Like seriously--I mean-even if he is a professional football player, known to hang out with porn stars and has probably been treated for at least one major STD...

He's really goofy and sexy--I mean have you seen him dance?

It is the most painful, awkward and weird thing ever and yet it makes him more endearing... Plus there is this:

I mean really--with that arm span--he'd be a really good big spoon for you and a couple of your friends, which he is probably down for regardless but yeah it would be fun 

Thursday Truths

Thursday Truths: The Next Big Life Step

8 Important reasons let go of people

I'm slowly working in making myself okay with this process... It's slow and scary--not fun--but my life will be so much better for it on every level possible. And it is not something to dwell on or make a huge production--that's drama and energy that I dont need to spend on certain people anymore... And while it is scary--one shift in my friendships seems to shift others since we're all inter-connected but I have to believe that people would rather I be happy then just settling because it is easier...

But then if they are upset--they don't know my journey and maybe they aren't supposed to be apart of mine anymore....

Wednesday, February 11, 2015



I want to spend every summer living in a tent like this... Bohemian sexy and freeing--I know it's too like an urban outfitters layout but honestly I can live with that 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Life Hack

Life Hack: Flipping neckties into bow ties

Recently I have become more and more obsessed with formal wear--this is probably due to my love of Downton Abbey and the 90s flashbacks in Empire-particular with all kinds of ties. The irony in this is that I cannot do a tie for the life of me which led me to get more into the bow tie

                                                           That's some blue steel Doctor

They are so much easier and much sexier--less office and always party

That being said--fun materials are hard to come by and when you do find them it can be too expensive for something you might  not need all the time. I was looking up alternative knots for neckties when I discovered a much simpler solutions

You can fold neckties origami style into bow ties--a life saver into terms of cash, time and style

I just love the ease of this--even if it will take forever to figure out how to do the dang thing. All butterfingers here--yum.

Monday, February 09, 2015

Inspiration Monday

Inspiration Monday: ME!!!

So this past week I was able to join a good friend of mine, Tim Davis (yes he is mentioned in this blog and I will not tell you his nickname here), on his podcast "The Handsome Timmy D Express" to talk about my career in reality TV and share some dirt about some of the things I have been blessed to work on... I'm including the link below so people can hear about morals, ethics and other things that shows on VH1, Bravo and CBS do spend a lot of time thinking about!


The reality behind reality tv: an interview with Rory Lapointe-Smith

Leave snarky comments here and take a listen to Tim's other episodes--he has a wide range of interesting and creative people in all aspects of Hollywood... And he is just awesome as well

Saturday, February 07, 2015

Fashion Files

Fashion Files: Vivienne Westwood Fall 2015

Okay--Westwood's designs always live a bit off the beaten path-like deep woods Alaska survivalist camp path-but there is something to be said for a designer who constantly goes big or goes home.

I mean the top is ridiculous--the color is so over saturated for menswear--who is going to wear plaid pants? And the style of the makeup is just wrong because who wants to look like the wrong side of a MMA fight? But because it is so risky I love it

This is like some weird steampunk meets Silverlake version of a Charles Dickensian fashion show. The long trench coat, the oversized boots and the hat--it is all trying to hard and yet I love the combination of textures that the look is going for--some kind of normcore meets period meets preppy plaid

Now maybe I have watched too much "Good Times" lately or my love of pattern has gone too far but this is one of my favorite looks of her show... It takes guts, a sense of color and scale to pull off such a layered look and inspires me to see what new mix of items I can try from my own closet--or maybe even time for a vintage shopping trip.

And this was the look I found the most inspiring from the whole show--it's not too loud color wise and the patterns are kept in check (heh) but the poncho/serape look is so dramatic and daring that it took my breathe away... The funny thing is I have been seeing this idea floating around for awhile (even Forever 21) but couldn't begin to guess at how to wear it without looking too ethnic so this is something really inspiring.

That's what I try to take away from any fashion show or layout--how can I apply this to me in terms of color use or laying or a new way to accessorize. And so this really is my favorite part of the year--any and all Fashion Weeks

(This pictures are not mine--special thanks to Style.com for the help)

Friday, February 06, 2015

Friday Jam

Friday Jam: "Pony" by Ginuwine

This past week I have been on a total retro vibe--between TLC going back on tour, watching a lot of old school rap videos for work and just a general nostalgia for hip-hop which led me down the rabbit hole and ended up here

 Now this is possibly one of the worst videos ever--the weird setting, the lack of sexy people and the vague racial overtones makes me wonder if this was an effort to actively sabotage his career... I mean Ginuwine obviously had no one looking out for him

Though he did give us this thing of utter beauty:

But more importantly--this thing beyond beauty:

I could honestly watch the first minute of this trailer on a loop and be fine with paying the 15 dollars... Ride that pony indeed....

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Thursday Truths

Thursday Truths: I'm Greedy

Anyone who knows me well knows that I can get really stressed out about small things--whether I mailed a check out at the exact right time for it to clear, what I should be wearing (or worse--what my husband should be wearing), the proper way to clean the kitchen... And when I get stressed out I become someone very different--angry or upset and unable to function... Unfortunately Johnno is the one who has to try and defuse this and one night he asked the million dollar question

"Your life isn't that bad--why do you have to get so stressed out..."

There is a part of me that has always written it off as being control issues left over my childhood--but honestly those issues have a self life.... No kid has control over things and while my parents were pretty awful about each other--which effected me and the brother by default--I have been kicking ass and taking names for quite a while as an adult....

Signs you're doing better than you think you are
(This is a really random and yet good read)

The truth is I am greedy--I honestly want so much because I am willing to do so much to get.... I have had a daily commute through skid row as a job, I have starved my self to pay rent, I'm willing to be the first one help out and the last one to clean up, I'm loyal to my friends and kind to strangers... So when I feel like I am being denied something for reasons beyond my control I dont deal very well...

And when you want everything--you are bound to get disappointed.

I want to take my husband to Paris, work out and write and paint and blog, see all of my friends all of the time, read a million books during my life, see Diana Ross in concert, make a million guys get crushes on me, follow a band around the country for a year, touch the Great Pyramids of Egypt and ice skate in Moscow while holding Johnno's hand... I'm willing to try and do the work to make these things happen--but I always worry about the time, the details and the effort....

I need to get more Buddah and less bougie.

But there is another part of me that sees this as why I push so hard, why I am driven, what makes me run... That without that greed I would be content to just sit around, not do anything with my time, be stuck in place--all while knowing life is short so you have to get with it.

So while I have to balance out how I am deal with this ambition--I also want to own my greed because it does have value. Knowing what you want and being willing to fight for it is something to actually be proud of.

Tuesday, February 03, 2015


Harper Fucking Lee is back.... A second book after all these years--that promises to be a sequel to "To Kill A Mickingbird" is just beyond my brain's understanding...

And while I know Hollywood is probably already fighting for the rights and I have no interest in seeing someone else play Atticus Finch (side-eye to Tom Hanks) this is just something beyond all expectations...

I wouldn't even care if it was about sparkly vampires-I want the book so badly

Monday, February 02, 2015

Inspiration Monday

This is as simple as life gets… It's just so true--love something for what it is as opposed to what it is for your own purpose.