Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Etsy Eclectic

Etsy Eclectic: Yehudalight

I love home decor and the more custom you can make it the better it is... And nothing is more special and seductive than the right lighting in your living space; good for romance, intimate conversations with friends or something calming for a good cup of tea or fancy nightcap.

Plus if we have learned nothing from any and all home decor shows--LIGHTING IS A MUST.

I was surprised just browsing in Etsy when I realized that they had entire categories for things likes recycled material sofas, carved kitchen tables and handcrafted light fixtures like this:

Isn't this something moody and sweet to hang in a bedroom or a small reading nook? It practically whispers moody, arty and eclectic moments happen here with me... I can already see it on some design show with Candice Olson or Vern Yip as they put the finishing touches on a master suite or 

And the interesting thing about this company is all of the pieces are handmade in Israel-Tel Aviv by one artisan and his team--and they do more than just free hanging chandeliers with their floral motif.

The store does mirrors, hooks, and scones as well at what seem reasonable prices for unique works of art. I'm not sure how the shipping and handling effects the cost or if the store can do special orders but with their wide range of items it would be hard to not find something for those into the quirky and sweet.

I mean this stuff is truly special and I can't wait to have the perfect breakfast room or spa bathroom for something like this--such a conversation piece--and it's not glass so while it is fragile it can still take a slight beating.

Like when you accidentally hit with a piece of clothing as you strip down under it's sensual glow with someone special--or someone you met that night.... Who am I to judge?

(As always--I did not receive anything for writing about this store... It's cause I love the product)

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