Sunday, February 22, 2015


Obsession: Eldredge Knots

So sometimes when I'm researching one thing for the blog I find other awesome stuff that I have to wait to share... Like my crush on Julian Eldman--another Patriots footballer--or wanting to post all of Missy Elliot's music as my Friday jam... But I usually find some form of restraint

Except when it comes to this

Now here's the thing--my hatred for neckties is legendary among lovers, roommates and family members... There is something that feels overly controlling about them and not in a fun "Fifty Shades of Grey" way but more of "the Jews in the Ten Commandments" way.... But this knot really spoke to me with its unique style and finish--it's a conversation piece and somewhat of a dandy in the world of neckwear

And if you know me-the word dandy is something I aspire to... Unless it is a reference to this past season of American Horror Story: Freakshow... Because then that makes it the worst

(Special thanks to Youtique Bridal for the video)

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