Monday, February 16, 2015

Inspiration Monday

Inspiration Monday: Mahogany

Mahogany is one of my favorite films of all time--a splashy 70s epic about a young secretary who becomes a fashion model then a world renowned designer played by Diana Ross with Billy Dee Williams as her love interest... It is the soaped up, mostly Black version of the "The Way We Were" with issues mixed in with famous locales, high-end stars and the fashions...

I mean--this is living!!!!

This year the film turns 40--and besides hoping in vain for a big screen showing somewhere in Los Angeles--they are putting out a new version of the film on DVD.... Rumor is it will include amazing fashion stills from the picture, commentary on the looks as well as the tone of the film and all it really needs is a life-size poster or a candle as part of the box set.

Here is more on the new DVD set...

I love this film because it is an unlikely epic of fashion and romance set against racism and politics and features two of the biggest stars of its time serving a very sexual chemistry--and that isnt even talking about the Anthony Perkins playing straight!!!! (Which HAS to be seen). There is something oddly important about the film in all of its terrible camp, an earnest attempt to be a film for everybody and that is what I respect most of all about it as someone who comes from a group that doesn't get much in the way of mainstream films...

But before I get too serious--just watch the trailer

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