Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Life Hack

Life Hack: Flipping neckties into bow ties

Recently I have become more and more obsessed with formal wear--this is probably due to my love of Downton Abbey and the 90s flashbacks in Empire-particular with all kinds of ties. The irony in this is that I cannot do a tie for the life of me which led me to get more into the bow tie

                                                           That's some blue steel Doctor

They are so much easier and much sexier--less office and always party

That being said--fun materials are hard to come by and when you do find them it can be too expensive for something you might  not need all the time. I was looking up alternative knots for neckties when I discovered a much simpler solutions

You can fold neckties origami style into bow ties--a life saver into terms of cash, time and style

I just love the ease of this--even if it will take forever to figure out how to do the dang thing. All butterfingers here--yum.

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