Saturday, February 07, 2015

Fashion Files

Fashion Files: Vivienne Westwood Fall 2015

Okay--Westwood's designs always live a bit off the beaten path-like deep woods Alaska survivalist camp path-but there is something to be said for a designer who constantly goes big or goes home.

I mean the top is ridiculous--the color is so over saturated for menswear--who is going to wear plaid pants? And the style of the makeup is just wrong because who wants to look like the wrong side of a MMA fight? But because it is so risky I love it

This is like some weird steampunk meets Silverlake version of a Charles Dickensian fashion show. The long trench coat, the oversized boots and the hat--it is all trying to hard and yet I love the combination of textures that the look is going for--some kind of normcore meets period meets preppy plaid

Now maybe I have watched too much "Good Times" lately or my love of pattern has gone too far but this is one of my favorite looks of her show... It takes guts, a sense of color and scale to pull off such a layered look and inspires me to see what new mix of items I can try from my own closet--or maybe even time for a vintage shopping trip.

And this was the look I found the most inspiring from the whole show--it's not too loud color wise and the patterns are kept in check (heh) but the poncho/serape look is so dramatic and daring that it took my breathe away... The funny thing is I have been seeing this idea floating around for awhile (even Forever 21) but couldn't begin to guess at how to wear it without looking too ethnic so this is something really inspiring.

That's what I try to take away from any fashion show or layout--how can I apply this to me in terms of color use or laying or a new way to accessorize. And so this really is my favorite part of the year--any and all Fashion Weeks

(This pictures are not mine--special thanks to for the help)

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