Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Garden of Eden

So it has been exactly one week since my new phone. I finally broke down and got a smart phone--I have been very against this but figured it was time. I was sent a "Deal"--to good to be true as it turned out--and decided that it would be helpful to have things like instant bank access and a camera that I could email pictures from instead of doing it the long way through the fiancee's phone.

I even bought an iphone.


I have a lot of issues with Apple as a company. While I understand most of the benefits when it comes to their computers; virus free (for the most part) and able to run particularly graphic and image programs well, I love the instant gratfication of itunes (a little too much) but when it has come to Ipads and Iphones I have had a huge problem.

There is the amount of censhorship that Apple has engaged in when it comes to these two particular platforms. I am not a fan of someone taking something that is basically free (in the sense of free trade of ideas) and suddenly imposing their own limitations on it. I don't like that Apple will ban any appilcations for the Iphone that it "has issue with" because honestly free speech is important.

Now I am not saying I want kids to get free porn texts or want to down load the KKK locator but I should have that option when I buy my own operating system. Which is what these things are. I don't want to have fashion layouts in Out Magazine censored for being too "risky" or Madonna's nipples airbrushed off any magazine. I'm an adult and can choose for myself.

Now if Apple had options for parents to remotely censor applications on their childrens' phone--I would be behind that. It would be similar to the parental locks on TV and cable or warning on CDs. Give people information and let them make their own choices. That is important to me.

But why was it not important enough to prevent me from buying their product?

Because it is the top of the line option. In terms of battery strength, in terms of techinolgy it is the best. They dominate the field. Which is why this censorship is scary.

We love it so much we forget about the price we pay.

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