Tuesday, September 13, 2011

As The Leaves Fall

Obviously it is fall... I have cleaned my closet out of gross summer shoes that didn't last, t-shirts that grew to big or were always to small, the flipping through of last springs clearance purchases AKA new items to break in. The bed gets a slightly thicker blanket, i'm not as concerned with the abs and flip flops become laundry shoes once again.

It is also time to change up the hair. One of the great things about being a dirty blond with thick hair is that I can afford to grew it out to long surfer-lite bangs and blond shades all summer but when fall comes around--time for a new look.

Dark brown hair with reddish tones, a nicely kept but still rugged looking beard. The fake glasses come out more often and hats become less about hiding un-styled hair and more about seasonal warmth.

And it is always funny who loves the change and who bemoans the lack of blond. While the boyancee is always fairly mute when it comes to my looks; it is always the random girls in my life who seem to notice and comment. I have people like Chloe and Raquel saying it is sexy and hot while Edie seems to wait for summer to roll back around for her favorite blond to return.

It's nice to have the options though. For some people it is caramel coffee drinks but for me it is dark caramel locks. To each his own I guess

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