Thursday, September 01, 2011


So this week has been spent trying to get things back together. The job is finally back on track with filming in Florida--which is a good thing because I was able to catch up on other tasks but still have a job through Thanksgiving. Something to be grateful for indeed.

And I actually seem back on task with my workout schedule. I have been taking advantage of the new free gym machines in the park by my house... Even though it is weird to work out at night and have already been scared by a coyote and a homeless person. But free is good and I find I like the quiet and open air just as much as doing videos in the apartment. Not sure if much has changed body-wise but being able to work out consistently while on the patch is impressive.

Speaking of patches and non-smoking--after falling on my face Thursday I stumbled again on Saturday. I was cranky and mean during the day, the heat kept the patch from sticking to my skin and I just kind of took it out on Johnno. To the point that he--usually unflappable--called me out on it. The problem is that the first few days or even weeks of quitting smoking make me a bit less comfortable and social. He basically said that I wasn't spending time with him and acting like I even like him much--so that stung and spun me straight into a pack of smokes.

But that is an excuse

So I woke up on Sunday, put on my patch and started the process over. I'm doing better than before in terms of moods, sleep has gotten a bit easier and I am trying to put extra effort into how we react together. Hopefully I'm doing enough to make this all work. And I have decided to take a step away from some of my usual haunts like Tranny Karaoke and BB drinks post live show to get a better grasp on being a non-smoker.

Hopefully this all pays off. I want it too

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