Monday, September 05, 2011

Holiday Rift

It's weirdly nice to get a day off... It is not normal when it comes to what I do. I work long hours, under tough deadlines in some harsh places. I spend my time at my job trying to do so much with so little, never knowing for certain when a show might wrap, where I might end up next and how I will get from point to point B.


I love my job. It makes me happy, hopefully it makes other people and at the end of the day I am usually quite proud of what I do. No I don't get health benefits, no 401K, there is no union for me to join. Sometimes it makes things harder, to chase the dream with no guarentee other than the ones I make myself. And sometimes I wish it was easier to feel protected from bad jobs.

Which is why when people complain about unions, bargaining rights and the like I have to wonder... Do you get health care? Paid sick days? Paid vacatiobn?!? I sure don't.

And there are some who argue I could have all this is I walked away and got a real job. Settled down into something stable with all the trimmings. That all us union supporters are just whining for no reasons. When I know that I work hard--harder than most people making that arguement. I wouldn't trade it for the work but sometimes I just want to look at them and say


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