Sunday, September 11, 2011

Like A Sheryl Crow Song

So this weekend ended up being very low key but also very informative... Last weekend I had bought a new desk for Johnno to set up in the bedroom--I felt bad that he felt he had no space and so I managed to work out a game plan (or two)in my head for him to have a space all his own for his podcasting and general desk/space issue. It actually has worked out well and he seems quite happy with the whole situation. He gave me a thank card later that week and while it made me happy--it gave me pause.

Something in the card realy stuck with me; a brief line that implied that I was a good boyfriend for dealing him... It was an innocent turn of phrase but it made me feel like maybe he thought I thought of the relationship that--dealing with things. I didn't like it. Because I know that I am the more difficult one.

Between the non-smoking attempt and general work madness--my fuse has been shorted by at least a mile. I can be snappy or get worked up pretty easily--I have started to see that around him I can be incredibly high strung and snappish. Something I tend not to do around other people because with them I get moody and silent and drift away--I don't get WORKED UP.

Being aware of this, I decided to try and step up the romance game. We went and had a nice expensive dinner on Friday night just because, I spent most of Saturday cleaning out my closet, catching up on grooming and basic household stuff while he was at work. We then decided to head out for the night by ourselves.

One of the things we have fallen into is going out to one of the three gay bars in the neighborhood--different ones different times--which is a nice change from the usual places we hang with the hang. I can see that Johnno misses his gay lifestyle from Seattle--have the boys to hang with and the bars to hit with them--I never really had that but I am finally seeing the appeal of that.

Unfortunately, we don't really know any gay guys that we "hang out" with and so we head out to these bars, drink and talk amongst ourselves and it is usually a variation on what we would do at the Dollhouse. And recently it has become more drinking then I am comforatble with--not alcoholic or anything--but we are drinking out of boredom or lack of anything else to do. I really would like to change that because I'm tired of slight hangovers and late night dinner food that may or may not be good for the diet.

So I have decided that we need to work on doing things away from the bars--just the two of us. I suspect it will be a lot of movies, maybe mini-golf or roller skating, drives to the beach or something along those lines. I like the idea of us being more than just out at bars--this isn't to say we won't go out with our friends and stuff cause we will but we as a couple need more than nightlife.

A change would do us good.

A change would do some good.

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jen said...

i often feel like we're in the same boat. with work, school and therapy i'm the one who walks through the door tired, irritable and often weepy. i feel like i owe jeff some quality time since most of our nights consist of him making me dinner and then us eating in front of the television before i inevitably fall asleep in the middle of the show.

since we're both homebodies and not really bar kinda people anymore i need to think of new date nights for us.