Wednesday, September 07, 2011


No this is not some pretentious piece about the process or the calling or anything like that. (Though maybe it should be at some point.) Instead it is about those objects that hang on walls, from ceilings or sit in many a display case.

Traditional objects de art

I started getting curious about art again mostly through watching Edie... Not that she has suddenly taken up painting or sculpture--though that would be interesting-but through her recent obsession with purchases and collecting small pieces of it from a mutually favorite artist. I'm not copying her per say but was taken aback by how easy she made it look to find, purchase and display something only you own the original off.

Anyone who knows me well has at some point seen my collection of art prints/posters. I love a picture painting whether it is classical, pop art, cubism and everything in between. It just never occurred to me to search and find artists that I like--artists whose work I can own for my own.

It feels very mature.

So I decided this birthday that I would buy myself my first piece of art. It didn't have to be expensive or huge--just something that spoke to me, my personality and my sense of humor and whimsy. And this is what I came up with.

I know.

It is goofy and pop culture and more than a little gay. There was something ironic and iconic about the picture that spoke to both my sense of humor and my current state of mind. I wasn't sure how I would feel until it arrived and then I fell in love with it. Johnno himself seemed to like it--and he has been down this road before with friends who start to collect art. He reminded me that the point is to like what I am collecting and not just look for the popular style or name or whatever. And he is fine with this new hobby.

As long as I don't call myself a "patron of the arts".

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