Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Whatever It Takes

Whatever It Takes

This past year I decided to change tactics on quitting smoking--the patch was too easy to discard when it was convenient or overly emotional so I had to start looking at other options. I have never been the person who could easily do cold turkey--I just don’t have the will power so I had to look elsewhere.

And this is where it gets tacky--cause I went electronic.

(This is not an endorsement of the company but what I have been using)

I got the idea to go the electric cigarette route after that infamous episode of Real Housewives of OC (or which) that had the real-life Allison Dubois chain-smoking on one throughout dinner. I had come to the realization on my own that I missed the actually physical act of smoking more than anything else; it was either the deep breathing for smoking, the ability to excuse myself from situations to not be rude or just the going outdoors that usually helped calm me down. So I figured if I could find the right product to keep the oral fixation going with junk food or nail biting-I could be in business.

And they look like cigarettes. And produce real smoke. But don't taste or smell like them at all.

(see? the tips do)

But instead of buying into the claims that smokeless tobacco in these cigarettes was healthy or okay--I decided to go the nicotine free route which is basically like a flavored hookah but without smoke, ash and other gross stuff. It seems to be working as a replacement to the real thing and when paired with nicotine patches it has been a huge help.

I'm not saying I have been perfect during the process but it has made the transition much easier to weed myself off of smoking. There are been days when I barely use the thing but it is there when I truly need it which is a godsend. And now with my last smoking friend Joy committed to quitting herself--this could be the year I really beat this one!

And the best part is my smoking co-workers noticed a difference and asked all about what I had been using--it is helping to show other people they can quit too. I'm not pushing product here but it has been a huge help.

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