Saturday, January 19, 2013



"Something like Summer"
By Jay Bell (3 stars)

I really wanted to love this book but I just couldn't do it. I didnt care for either Ben or Tim after a certain point because they became such awful people to each other in ways that didnt make sense. And that was a recurring issue in the book--these characters doing things that dont add up. Ben just joyriding in Tim's car without even a thought, Tim suddenly wanting to have gay sex, just the dynamic between the two of them never made sense or was rootable.

What sad is when the flash forward happens I started to care for some of these characters and wanted to know what happened to them in this life beyond high school. Allison--the best friend--herself was one of the best new characters I've read in awhile and she does make the others sympathetic at points. But whatever movement the story gained in the middle was lost by the cop out ending that felt shonehorned in--it was obvious that the author had a mission and wasnt listening to his characters anymore. It made me sad and felt cheapened.

The book is really getting 3 stars for Allison and the middle years--that does hold up well and makes me wish for better books from this author in the future.

PS And I do know that there is a second book that is "Tim's side" but honestly the characters left such a bad taste I dont really care to know it.

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