Saturday, January 12, 2013



"Good In Bed"
By Jennifer Weiner (4 stars)

I was really hesitant to read this the book cause it seemed to be part of chick lit subgenre that I usually cannot abide. It was given to me by a friend as part of a recycling program and she really pushed me to give the book a shot.

I'm glad I did.

I really did come to love Cannie and her crazy, disfunctional, madcap world because she was the opposite of most "chick lit" characters between her looks, her emotions, and her wit about herself and others. And though the story did follow a lot of the same traps that chick lit faces with obvious plotting and romance storylines--I found myself falling in love with all the characters on some level.

Plus it helped that there was a couple of messed up, out of the blue, solid twists in the story that kept me reading much quicker than I would have guessed I would. I just really enjoyed this book and cannot wait to read more from Jennifer Weiner

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