Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Collector

The Collector

I've suddenly become into buying art.

That sounds so pretenious.

I have recently come into the idea of buying random paintings and photographs I see and eventually framing them on the wall. And Johnno has had a say thus far so it is both of us buying the pieces.

Kind of.

It's funny cause it never really occured to me to want to do that--the idea of owning works that I liked in an original form seemed so out of reach and bougie. It wasnt until I watched Edie as she began to collect her own works and Joy found her own works that came from her family which inspired me to try own my own.

Exploring places like Esty and Apartment Therapy have given me a playground to explore and discover new artists and refine my tastes... I have discovered I like colors and mixing of media, pictures and words interwined with images of nature or irony. It's been fun to add them to our registry as we work toward our wedding--its not about resale value but finding unique things that we want to carry forward. And while it has only been two pictures thus far--I cannot wait to continue to add to the collection.

Barbie Battle Realness

Bully for the Boys

I'm not saying it is high art but something fun and unique--it may not always be campy or gay friendly and develop into something more serious but I cannot wait to see where it all goes. The fun part will be adding and blending our tastes and ideas into something uniquely us.

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