Thursday, January 03, 2013



So this was the Christmas haul this year--primarily from the boyancee... It's more than it looks like with some jewelry, some more books and a couple of missing gifts represented by pictures in the mix. It's not that I'm bragging but it made me a bit uncomfortable

And it is a little bit bragging.

This year was the first year that Johnno had a well paying job, a job he wanted and so he went overboard with the holiday. Part of it was us working on doing gift lists to make things easier, part of it was how vocal I had been about not buying myself things for the wedding but I think the biggest part was that he was finally able to spoil me for all the times he felt I spoiled him.

It made me uncomfortable to not have as much for him as he got for me.

And I know this is being petty and silly--that I should just be grateful but when a person is really good to me I don't really know how to handle it. I think I do, I think it doesn't bother me, but it does make me the center of attention and getting my needs met which I am not used to. And I have to get used to letting Johnno because that is what marriage is going to be about--not the gifts but letting him treat me well and me not getting all weird about it.

And the presents will help.

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Lucky said...

So wonderful to be spoiled every now and again :)