Saturday, January 26, 2013



"Then Again, Maybe I Won't"
by Judy Blume (5 stars)

I know I keep gushing about Judy Blume but once again she proves to be one of the best young adult novelists ever. I loved that this story--told from the POV of the male lead Tony--is just a strong a reflection of the juinior high years as "Are There God---It's Me Margaret."

The story is a simple one--a poor Italian kid's family becomes successful and moves from Jersey City to a toney neighborhood and exactly how this changes the entire mores of the each person. It's about being the new kid in school, figuring out puberty and esuxal urges, about class struggle and even about "the whiting" one's racial background.

I really did care for Tony and understand his concerns and confusions as his family adjusted to their new wealth and surroundings in ways that seemed to go against their nature. I loved the character of his homesick grandmother--unable to cook since it would seem unseemly, the perky and annoying Corky who just wants Tony to like her, the high end Hoober family who cause all the concerns and joy in the story.

A near perfect book and one I would read again.

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