Tuesday, June 10, 2014

You Got To Start Somewhere

Why Hello There Stranger

So I'm back.

It should be a bit more dramatic than that--after all it's been over a year and 2 months since I actually posted here. I could give a million excuses--I finally married my husband Johnno, I moved out of my home of 16 years--aka the Dollhouse--and into a home for just me and the man--aka the Clubhouse. There was a lot of other things that happened around me as well--a promotion at work, friends having babies, dealing with my family issues, trying to drop another 20 pounds but...

I got lazy.

I reached a point with the blog that I found myself either unable or unwilling to share myself here. I think part of it was with all the turmoil in my life I didn't know how to string my sentences together in any way that would be helpful or necessary--which meant it was time to walk away from the keyboard and handle my life. It was a hard but correct choice to go off the grid and get my house in order--plus it allowed me time to re-think what I really wanted this blog to be going forward.

That was a hard one.

So going forward this blog is going to be a combination of male fashion, inspirational ideas and projects, lifestyle advice mixed in with pop culture, sex and a commitment to trying to change my life and hopefully do some good along the way. It's going to be honest, hopefully and even more hopeful.

So I guess that's my promise to you... And if you have questions, ideas or smack talk then please comment away--I promise to give back what you deserve.

Let's do this

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