Monday, June 16, 2014

Inspiration Monday

"The Eye Has To Travel"

Every so often there is a book, film, song or painting that inspires me so much that I feel the need to share it with all of my friends--this documentry is one of them. Diana Vreeland is considered the mother of the modern fashion magazine and some might even argue the mother of the modern fashion culture. When she was the editor of Vogue magazine she changed the way the fashion world worked by creating not only the world of editorial fashion but the idea that clothes were more than just something you threw on your back but instead an insight to world culture, personal beliefs and induviduality. She wasn't about what you should wear but how you should build a sense of style from not only your clothes but your manners, philosophy and world view. She makes Anna Wintour look like a ninny

Anna is NOT happy

And this documentary is not just a celebration of Vreeland's accomplishments--though she was one of the first to take the fashion spread on location, celebrated and created a little crazy called the bikini and gave us the Met Ball where fashion mixed with history, politics and Hollywood... It is an exploration into a mind that was fascinated by the human experience both personal and universal and how that tied into our shared experience. Few people can have such a ripple effect in history and serve as an inspiration to so many still today.

And while it might seem a simple film about fashion cannot be a serious exploration of what it means to be creative, there is a twist in the film that gives us the gift of her story; a idea about creativity and personal expression that I found to be quite inspiring. And even though Vogue might not be the cultural zeitgeist it once was--Vreeland's zest for life and her quest to find the simplest of meaning is still interesting and profound.

This shit would not fly in her house

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