Thursday, June 19, 2014

Truths Thursday

You Gotta Have Experience To Be With Me

So this past weekend I went to the beach with my friends Edie and Valeska--we spent the day walking from the Santa Monica Pier down to Venice, went up through and  over to this cute artist/shopping enclave called Abbott Kinney where we had brunch, window shopped and explored the area. This is probably the most Californian thing I had done in ages because 1) I don't usually go to the beach because I burn and 2) Santa Monica is hell on Earth when it comes to driving

I look so happy here--it is also the last picture of me without a sunburn for 2014

Now besides a slight brag about the glamorous life of a hipster in Los Angeles--the trip was really important for one big reason. It had recently come to my attention (trademark Chloe Sevigny) that when I was hanging out with my friends lately we were really just spending our time recapping our work weeks and random issues then actually "doing things" together like we used to. And it was starting to affect my relationships because it felt more like I was just listing off things as opposed to doing things together--which is what helps create new memories and leads to exploring and building my friendships.

And there is nothing wrong with a little bit of "catch up" with the girls about work and relationships but I just felt like I was doing more "telling" than "showing" in my life with them and it had become a goal to really try and do new stuff whether it was exploring a new neighborhood or heading out to dance at an underground club night or figuring out a new recipe to try together for organic, low carb, vodka based drinks. Because when it comes to keeping relationships fresh and interesting you have to break out of the comfort zone and create new memories whether they are good or bad. It's easy to rely on a shared history in a relationship but it is also just as easy to allow things to just become routine and overtime it can run the risk of being something or someone you deal with because you have to.

I guess what I'm learning as I grow older is that every relationship has a certain amount of management needed with it; a certain amount of time where you make plans and put in the work so that it is fun and memorable because if you don't it could become outdated or even boring. It's about sharing and caring as much as it is about convenience  and compatibility.

And in the interest of sharing and experiencing new things--watch this

I want someone to describe me as having "casual arrogance"

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