Thursday, June 26, 2014

Truths Thursday

Destiny is Calling--and She Ain't That Hoe From Around The Way

The people who make time for you are the ones you really should let in. They are the co-workers who want you to join the company team, the random friends who want to do dinner or coffee, the relative who takes the time to write and call. It's the people you have to chase down, cajole or constantly corral into being a part of your life that are the people who don't value the time, the energy or the friendship that you think you have.

                    Girl--the only call you're getting is from your past... Your "friends" are busy

I guess I need to work on being grateful for those who reach out to me and remind myself to try and reach out in return. It's scary to let new people in and take stock of old friendships just to realize that maybe they aren't what you thought. But the truth is you can't have too many friends and there is nothing better than being with someone who loves your company then someone you have to push to hang out.

So I'm trying to be more open to those who want to see me instead of trying to force people to make the effort to see me... It;s about time to embrace what opportunities the universe is giving me then trying to force it down a different path that may not be the same anymore. One of things you have to learn as you grow older is how much life changes you and by default the people you have in it. Embrace opportunities.

         This is what you end up looking like if you don't let go of the past and embrace the new. 

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