Monday, August 01, 2011

Getting Served!

I suspect I am about to get served tonight... Johnno and I are having dinner with a lesbian couple tonight--one of the girls is a friend of his from Seattle who now lives in LA--and this will be the first time we have seen them since becoming engaged. This is only important because they are the only other engaged gay couple we know--and their wedding is coming up this fall.

which will be nice.

However i am sure this dinner will revolve around those type of conversations--weddings weddings gay weddings. Johnno and i have yet to make any serious or real progress on that issue for ourselves but I suspect that tonight's conversation will be all about that on some level.

I can't tell why i am so weird put off about discussing this. Maybe because we don't have any date, maybe because we have yet to sit down and look at money and how to pay for things, maybe because we're not at all sure what we want.

I know ignoring things doesn't make them easier but I'm being a baby and want my head in the sand a bit longer.

Le sigh

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