Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Boxes of Memories/Inbox of Forever

I write thank you notes. Not the handwritten, self stamped, post delivered kind but various e cards I tack down over the internet. I'm never quite sure if this appropriate because I get the feeling that this offends some people.

which offends me.

I have never been a huge fan of useless mail. I rarely keep Christmas cards or birthday wishes--I have no scrapbook of past events to look back on. Mostly because people tend to sign generic things in them.

"Happy holidays-- Jack and Jill!"

"Make a wish Rory! Sarah and Sam"

Nothing about this kind of message will mean anything to me in the future--besides a show of possible popularity. If I am forgetful I highly doubt cards reading "keep in touch" or "Happy new Years" alone will suddenly trigger memories of those in my past.

However--I do keep cards with either amazing art which shows the person knows my taste, ones with inside jokes or memories and the few that have real sentiment scrawled inside. But even then I do wonder if I will need 30 plus "awesome story" cards when I am 70.

Maybe I will regret it.

But I just find that most people don't keep their greeting cards in general. And at least with the internet ones, people can chose to print them out if they'd like or keep them in the in box or delete at will. I'd rather give people the choice, not waste the paper, but still seem grateful

Maybe I'm just projecting.

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jen said...

you know what i've kept? the 2 valentines you made me freshman and sophmore year of college.