Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day Three

Patches give you weird dreams. Like really weird dreams that cause real anxiety.

No I am not a pirate.


As part of my non-smoking plan I have decided to get back on the nicotine patch. I know that there are some people who would suggest just going cold turkey but I do like being employed, engaged, and entertaining. None of that would be possible if I just stopped.

Honestly--I would either end up in jail or the morgue.

But I always forget how strange the patch makes me sleep; either I am tired all the time or deeply stuck in weird night dreams. I have been back to my high school, hooked up with my boss, being in horror film where I was the killer, lost all my money and became a hobo, and even one where I was married to one of my friends--girlfriends. I even had one so scary that I caused an asthma attack and woke myself up.

Freddy Kruger wouldn't be able to beat that type of self control.

Still--it is just weird. Going to sleep continues to feel like a potluck of emotion and memory. I am still going strong though--which is the good thing. Outside of a general and slight crabbiness, I think I am doing fine. But...

In the past Day Three has always been the sticking point

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jen said...

you can do it. i know you don't need me to tell you but i want you to know you can do it! one of the first times i quit i used the patch and it made me feel super funky. my first couple of hours in the day felt dreamlike and weird. i think i was using a higher dosage than i should have though.