Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I have many a time--both in person and on the nets--talked about my unending love for Christopher Pike as a young adult writer. I have even come to find that when you are with people of the right age group--they can remember the names and plots of most all of his books.

The ones that really get people talking is the Final Friends series...his tribute to murder, sex, mystery and high school. Johnno's friend Andrea and I bonded over this series the first or second time we met, Lola and I have had many a spirited conversation as we rehashed the characters and plot and even friends as far away as Europe knew the story as well as I.

So I was stoked when I heard it was being released this year. But not so stoked about this part of the deal....

They have renamed the series.

I'm sure this is some logical reason behind this... a tricky marketing ploy so people won't search on line for the plot on wikipedia.... Maybe an attempt to try and lure in new readers.... Something that can later be spun into a CW/ABC Family show.... I don't know.

I just don't like it. It makes the series seem more melodramatic than it was--with Twilight-ish cover art. Just a very disappointing choice. I know I should be happy it is being reissued at all.

And yet

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