Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Dollhouse Does Not Allow Pets--Outside of Boyfriends

So we have bugs in the DH. We have had varitions of bugs in the DH off and on for a year or so. First we somehow got termites; nasty little bugs that were in the shower and then in my room. One actually crawled across my face while sleeping which led to me freaking out and getting real.

We had the place treated.

But of course this was a song and dance--miscommunication with the landlord about what we had to do, when to do it and how long we had to deal with this made me for the first time consider moving out of the DH. It didn't help that each time we had to deal with this led to me taking apart my room and made a very cranky Rory.

And then we got cockroaches.

Now this is something that has NEVER happened in the 13 years of the DH. It was gross and while Johnno and Lola both dealt with it--he had dealing with bugs in the past and Lola grew up in Costa Rica so was unphased--I finally had enough and demanded that we do something about it.

now the landlord--rightfully so--knew this was a novel thing so we tried traps and sprays and other easy remedies. But now we are at the point where nothing has worked and tomorrow they are coming to spray the kitchen and the bathrooms. I hopefully that this will be the end but every other time has been a pain so...

Fingers crossed that we will soon be back to our no pets policy

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