Tuesday, July 05, 2011

The Sickness Is In Your Mind

I thought I had spent the last week or so being sick--off and on. I hung out with people who ended up getting sick shortly after seeing me; Edie with bronchitis and Dominic with something that required 3 antibiotics and a steroid. I would say that my fears of a lingering illness were more than well founded.

So I waited.

I hate doctors--or the expense of doctors more than anything. I only went to see one after a text conversation about good places to go without insurance--i was supposed to be seeing babies this weekend and wanted to be healthy before doing that. So off I went to CVS to get a quick check up for a nurse practitioner--prepared for the worst.

Turns out I have sinus allergies. Ones that allowed me to have codeine coffee medicine to sleep at night. That strong I guess

I have never had allergies so this was something knew to me. New drugs, new coping techniques for dealing with things, and the realization that this may be something I have had before and just not known it. Which is weird because I have a huge list of other allergies I am well aware of.

But at least I wasn't sick. Like sick sick or anything. Like gross.

(I fully expect a punch from either Edie or Dominic for this post)

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