Wednesday, March 31, 2010

You Know You’re Vain When You Screw Over the Government.

It was meant to be a joke.

The Dollhouse was on the verge of running late sending in its census form for the April deadline and it was decided through a series of emails, texts and Facebook posting that we needed to get the paperwork done ASAP

So Edie filled out the first part of the form and left iot on the dining room table for me and Lola to get around too. As a joke, I didn’t fill in my age or the full date of my birth—because we make jokes about it all the time in my world. And it wouldn’t be the only joke.

A few days later Edie sent me any email asking how I had forgotten to put down that I was her unmarried partner (because she thought it would be funny) and I joked back by asking if she had noticed the missing age information. She hadn’t but would be sure too look.

Of course now we were waiting on Lola to finish up the form. Even though we were confused if she was allowed to due to the fact she is here on a work visa and not a citizen. But we found the answer and she even commented about my lack of birth date on the form.

Joke had—each of us making our own little quips about age and relationship and even ethnic background (Shouldn’t Canada count) but none of us thought to mail out the form. Come Saturday morning Johnno reminds me that he has to mail out his census folder before he flies out for his grandfather’s funeral. This made me snap into action and without even thinking—

I mailed out the census with no age or birth year for me.

It is kind of funny

Though I am glad that neither girl did what they had joked to do-which was to fill in a year and an age on their own. I’d hate to see what number that would be.

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