Sunday, April 04, 2010

Without Him

Johnno has been gone for a week. His grandfather passed away and so he had to fly back to Seattle for the funeral and-because of me-ended up staying through Easter. It's the longest we have been apart since we really became boyfriends.

I miss him

With that said, there is something that is strangely exciting about feeling like I am on my own. Not the being single stuff, not the flirting stuff but all the little things I forget about myself when I am with Johnno.

Like walking the streets to Kelly and Johnny's house in my shades with my backpack and just feeling so New York. Like debating my entrance to the party since i'm always a little late on purpose. Dancing around the Dollhouse pre-party as I go through my clothes and my itunes at the same time. All that silly weird fun stuff I forget about. Secret single behavior

But I'm not single-which is good-and I cannot wait for the boyfriend to come home. Maybe I'll be a bit more playful and fun after running around all week like Carrie Bradshaw

We'll see

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