Sunday, April 25, 2010

PS I Love You

I had an amazing weekend. I alwasy forget how much I pack my time--one night it is drinks in a Hollywood lounge, the next night it's karokee in a dive bar in Venice. It's a cycle of coffee and movie nights, shopping and parties in both the Hills and the Valley. i fill my time so quickly that I began to stress about all the things I have to get done.

I don't HAVE to get anything done.

It took heading down to Palm Springs with Valeska, Kelly and Johnno to spend the night with Joy at her grandfather's house. We spent our time off the radar with movies like Pretty Woman and Grease 2, small fun dinners on the main drag and filled the downtimes with cocktails and naps. It was low key and low stress but made for some serious soul searching.

I realized that I need to set up things in my life in a new way--that I need to make more memories than schedules, more wishlists than to-do lists. That when I choose-I can have an amazing time with those who matter without making it be about anything else

I also realized I am funny. As such-here is the best quote from the whole trip--by me

"I wish life were like that--after you have an emotional outburst, someone just hands you a hanky and sets you up wth a personal shopper."

-Rory regarding Pretty Woman

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