Sunday, April 11, 2010

Red Wine and Rain

The rain started when I was out to coffee with Kelly and Valeska. We were under umbrellas so we continued with our lattes and ice coffees and aviod the water as we talked and caught up. It's been awhile since we've had just time to ourselves and I probably ran off at the mouth but it was one of those moments one can do that.

They happen less and less.

But life has been strange in the past month. Without going into full details-the month isn't over and I don't want to push my luck--I have found myself reflecting and realizing things. That at the end of the day we only can do what we can and say with the words when the time is right and that that has to be enough.

I'm tired of working too hard.

But as I sip my wine and watch the water fall i can't help but know that on some level my life is good. I can be real with my friends-the obvious and the unexpected--and that I can trust my insticts and also allow myself my pratfalls. It isn't bad that a necklace can make me happen or that sometimes I want a cookie or that maybe I can be a bit unfair and greedy.

I know that wanting good things for yourself isn't really greed.

And after the rain has cleaned the street and the wine has left my glass that tomorrow will give me more chances to try and be better. Better as a person, better at my goals and better at loving myself. It doesn't really can your life to know this--but maybe you can see what i mean and find it within yourself

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