Monday, April 27, 2015

Inspiration Monday: EVA

Inspiration Monday: EVA

Part of the reason I think I love vintage looks and eclectic uses of antique furniture is because my parents were borderline hippies--sure we still listened to Two Live Crew and got shaved haircuts after Sinead O'Connor--but we also spearheaded the community's first recycling center, water conservation movements and didn't eat meat...

Everyone was doing retro Hippie in the 90s

The only reason we weren't vegan is my parents had to feed their two kids something.

So when it comes to ideas to help the environment I am always in--and with the current California drought happening I found this to be amazing

I think  why I like the EVA so much is that it is "practical activism" as my parents used to call it--giving people something they really want but hiding something good and healthy in the mix. Like hiding medicine in hot dogs--the idea that my water will be a perfect temperature from the word go is amazing--but it will also save tons of water while I am deep conditioning my hair or shaving my toes

Why No--I'm NOT from the Shire--Why do you ask?

Wait--did I just say that?

Regardless--it's a good thing and the prices are pretty decent for the whole set up too..

Eva on IndieGoGo

(As always--I did not paid or laid by the products in this post--I just really like the product)

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