Sunday, April 12, 2015



Okay--so I have been thinking of doing something drastic with my hair--going off the reservation and doing something really detailed and kind of high maintenance for me. And maybe I have been watching too much news or too much twitter but I have been getting more and more obsessed with Anderson Cooper which led to this idea getting stuck in my head

It's a combination of silver, white and gray colors intermixed with high lights and low lights and balayage--it is almost aging but anti aging when you do it with a baby face... The only thing holding me back is that it would be very high maintenance for the summer because I am pretty sure you cant spend your weekends in the pool without it turning brassy pretty quickly. 

If anyone has any suggestions or idea on how hard it would be to maintain--let me know. I'm very interested in this idea. I find it weirdly youthful and kind of romantic yet whimsical. 

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