Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Eclectic Etsy

Eclectic Etsy: HAREMDESIGN

So I have a thing for tattoos--not for myself because my fear of needles makes me blackout whenever they are in my presence whether TV, film or medical procedure. Like fall on my face and knock myself out out.

Nightmare on Elm Street 3 could have ended just here and I'd be scared for life

But the quandary for me is that I spend a lot of time at my job looking at, studying and finding more about tattoos--it's one of the perks/cons/weird things about doing a prison/jail show is the amount of effort spent on body art...

Yes--Sometimes the gentlemen do look like this

And after spending so many hours looking at this stuff I start to think that maybe I could do some ink... And then the boss suggests I watch some YouTube videos of tattoo and I am back where I started--because NO

Which is why I love this piece

This piece by HAREMDESIGN is a necklace/bib made of lace--meant for the ladies and shown in gold--but I couldn't help thinking it looked like a nice piece of tribal ink work... I  thought about maybe getting it in black as something to wear under an open button shirt--for like a party or night of dancing.

And as I explored the store--I found that the designer does all types of lace jewelry--smaller necklaces, cuff bracelets. I am a bit doubtful of the lace collars that look a little too lace doily for my taste but she really thinks outside of the box and some of these pieces could be very unique. Add to this that she will custom color some pieces and I think she is a great find

Honestly--I am debating getting something like the lace bib custom made black just because of how cool it will be on and then no tattoo the next day! I'll let you know when I bite the bullet--its better than going under the needle for me.

(As always--I do not receive any payment or endorsement for my Etsy columns--I just like stuff.)

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