Friday, May 01, 2015

Where are they Wednesday

Where are they Wednesday: Tommy Page

I have always considered myself a music buff--and I have a collector of the masters of the 80s/90s including Debbie Gibson, Tiffany, New Kids on the Block, and of course – Tommy page…

He was known for his sensitive songwriting and piano playing--he was also the type of nonsexual pretty boy that your parents wanted you to be into at that age… His album cover was a combination church boy meets gap model/shot by a decent Bruce Weber but with clothes on.

He wasn't going to get your daughters pregnant that's for sure…

He had a few minor hits--"I break down", "When I dream of you", "Paintings in My Mind"--but who can forget his number one duet with the New Kidds on the Block?

Where's the Hohay AKA Where are New Kids?

And then one day he disappeared

Actually it is not all that dramatic--turns out that Page did really well overseas so when his third album didnt really land here--he just turned his focus to Asia.

Seriously Big--Like Still Touring and Recording

But that's not it--he also became a huge part of the music business by working as an A&R executive for Warner Brothers Records with groups such as Green Day, Michael Buble and Josh Groban before he left there to become the publisher of Billboard!

Sexy Suit--They Need Him on Empire

And finally he works know at Pandora as Head of Music Partnerships--like he is a really big deal well beyond Japan... And he is still performing overseas--though he hasnt been in the American market for a while--I think I would just have to see him,

I'll Be His Everything--Sorry Husbear

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