Saturday, May 16, 2015

Fashion File-All Thats Fit To Print

Fashion File-All Thats Fit To Print

As we roll into summer everywhere but Los Angeles--seriously it has been super cold here the last few weeks--every store starts to roll out it's attempt at a new fashion line. This season the Gap decided to try something new--for them--and took a departure from their usual mix of stoic yet solid shorts.

 And I'm in Love!

What I love about this line is how it sticks close to both the Gap brand--simple lines, quality material, a subtle color scheme but also goes off point with the ethnic, geometric and graphic prints. Nothing screams summer like fun clothes with multi-colors and this line delivers.

Bright and Still Preppy

And while the pieces can run a little safe--the company is in a huge tailspin currently when it comes to their look--it's a nice step out of the box that is copying too much of J. Crew or Urban Outfitters. It is their aesthetic--easy enough for the grandparents to wear yet on point enough to be styled by your hipster child. That has always been what works best for Gap--versatile options that are a good value.

But these are my favorite--risky yet still masculine--something to be rocked this memorial day weekend!

(As always I was not paid or laid by any of the companies in this post--yet)

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