Thursday, May 28, 2015

Thursday truths: nudes

Thursday truth; nudes

I've been thinking a lot recently about nudes--not pornography though that definitely has its place but more the idea of the classical artists use of the naked body. This came up when I was working on ideas for the decor for our bedroom and I realized that I wanted to put something tasteful and attractive and--well--naked on the wall

This Screams Relaxing

I wondered if this was going to be a bad idea--if when we give tours of the apartment people would get all weird about it… If it would come across as flashing sex as opposed to coming across as something natural and calming and tranquil. There is something very freeing of nudity and that is an emotion I really want to work into my space. 

I Can Take This to One of Those Pictures to Paintings Places--Get an Oil version?

It just strikes me as odd that we as a society decided that anything involving nudity now has changed context and meaning. If you look in the world's top museums, well-made period piece television or film or even what was cataloged as desirable in ancient society--nudity had a place in public.

Now I'm not saying that I'm any better – – my great uncle had a large nude of a woman with great covering her va-jay-jay and I was fascinated by it as a child. I couldn't help but point and giggle however as I matured I'd like to think my taste matured as well....

I mean this screams sophisticated right? It's Roman classical art. Jeez

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