Thursday, May 07, 2015

Fashion File: Art of the Month

Fashion File: Art of the Month

I have never been a fan of Uniqlo. I know that it has strong word of mouth but the plain-if well made-designs were too simple for me and felt too derivative of the late 1990s GAP. But I only knew this from their website--they didn't have a local shore in my area until recently so I hadn't seen the product in person.

Turns out I was wrong.

They have been doing an ongoing collection with SPRZ NY and MOMA (Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art) to do clothing and accessories inspired by/designed with various collaborators and estates... They add new artists each month and have run the gauntlet from Keith Haring to Robert Mapplethorpe .

In love with this Warhol bandanna 

The pieces are reasonable priced for men, women and kids--they are high quality and really inspired. There is really something for everyone right now--and the collection will continue to grow as they roll out more and more artists.

Obsessed with this Michael Brannon Sweatshirt--Which is already sold out

This is my favorite!!!

Honestly-this collection is a great way to upgrade your t-shirt for the summer. Nothing is classier than a love of art and these shirts really kick it up a notch. I'm glad I was wrong and gave Uniqlo a second chance--well worth the effort

(As always--I was not paid or laid by the store, artist, or persons mentioned above)

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