Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Who Is Going To Let The Cat Out of The Bag? Literally?

Who Is Going To Let The Cat Out of The Bag? Literally?

So I have a Tumblr account where I like to post my favorite fashion things happening--looks from the runway shows I like, stylized picture of how to wear things and items that are on my on-going fashion hit list. It's about shoes and hats, ways to wear layers and pants cuffs and a general look into what I enjoy wearing. It's not going to change the world but I like it.

And a while back a posted a piece about this new tote bag I had seen out and about--it's cute and clever with more than enough irony and whimsy to make me feel like the happiest boy in the world.

It's clever

So I posted this on my tumblr which goes to my facebook and I just kind of forgot about the whole thing. I have been on a serious budget due to the wedding and though it was inexpensive I just didnt have the extra cash but wanted to keep it on my list since I could go back at some point and pick up pieces. Hope springs eternal.

Imagine my surprise a few weeks later when late night at the Dollhouse a mysterious package arrived. I thought it might have been from Johnno at first as I opened the unknown plain brown wrapper to have the bag fall out in my lap. He claimed he hadnt bought it for me--even though he was known to spring a gift or 3 on me. I was confused and tried to figure it out.

I knew I hadnt bought it but still spent part of the night going through my bank statements, debit card statements and even my credit card bills to see if I had somehow bought it without remembering. It's not like me but I was concerned. Johnno was delighted at how much the gift was freaking me out--it was like I had a stalker--one who couldnt spell my last name properly. (Per the mailing label)

I couldnt find a clue then so I then took the bag out with me the next day. I was heading out with the bridesmaids to try on dresses and figure if one of them bought the bag I could bust them out. I must have looked crazy as I made my big show of the bag throughout the day and eventually questioned each of the six girls--all of whom never claimed the gift as their own.

So now I am at a loss... I have no idea who sent it to me, where it came from or if I am sleep shopping. I feel like I have lost my mind in a fashion conspiracy.

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