Sunday, March 10, 2013

Book Whore

Anne of Ingleside by L.M. Montgomery

As I continue my way through the Anne of Green Gable series I find myself struggling more and more as the series grows. While I still enjoy the writing style of L.M. Montgomery I found myself growing more and more disinterested as Anne is phased out more and more in favor of her children. There are some great moments in the book with Diana and Anne, a fear of Anne losing Gilbert and the brief return of Christine Stuart which helps to shake the core of the family and what they all think and feel about each other.

It is just the drama with the children that wears thin due to obvious and sometimes trying use of small moral pieces to teach lessons without the same care in characterization which made Anne such a great heroine. The only story that stuck with me was the one concerning a graveyard and God--the rest simply kept me from the charcaters I cared about.

That said--I will continue with the series to see how it all turns out. Hopefully I will be less bothered by the children as the age and grow into their own charcacters. I also hope that there is more development with the actual female characters beyond Anne--L.M. Montgomery doesnt seem to enjoy writing for them nearly as much as her boys.

Boo to that.

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