Sunday, March 24, 2013


Past Imperfect by Joan Collins

So I am on a Joan Collins kick. I love her-the look, the attuide and the lifesytle and so when I discovered her autobiography I had to get it.

And it was a great read when it comes to finding out her long and drama filled backstory. Starting from her days growing up in London with her small family, the early days at the Royal Dramatic Academy, to her early career in film I found this to be a page turner. It was interesting to learn about the last days of the studio system, her friendships with various Hollywood elite and her career comeback with the one and only "Dynasty".

She pulls no punches and almost nothing is sacred--except her relationship with sister Jackie--and she goes in great detail about her marriages, romances, and career highs and lows. I learned a lot of surprising facts from her early engagement with Warren Beaty, the infamous french hotel fire she was trapped in in real life to the near life derailing accident that befell one of her children.

What I took from her story is how to be a survivor, how the backend of your life can change into sucess and how personal courage and charisma can be the biggest assest anyone has. Well worth the read

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