Thursday, September 02, 2010

How Do You Handle Crazy

I don't ever talk politics here. I barely talk politics in my everyday life--between the Sonnys and Nolans and the Edies and the Lolas--it is just a door I don't tend to open. I guess I tend to live by the idea that we each have a right to our own beliefs and things only get murky when people try and tell others what is "okay" or "moral" to do.

This is not about gay marriage.

I was on-line today at work and i stumbled across an article about how Glen Beck and Sarah Palin are just "somehow" having an press event on 9/11. This information came just days after the Glen Beck event on the Washington Mall on the anniversary of the MLK speech "I have a dream". Both times the people involved claimed it was just random timing and not meant to be a statement for or against either historical event.

I call bullshite.

This is one of those things that can set me off into a blinding rage. I understand that Sarah Palin and I disagree STRONGLY on key issues, I doubt that Glen Beck will ever come within 50 feet of agreement about anything and this does not bother me one bit. I can use my voice at the polls, I can chose to not watch their shows, and I can decide to stay away from the things that they represent.

What makes me angry is that idea that they would use the deaths of so many innocent people as a prop on which to attempt to build their agenda on. People who they did not know, some people who would NEVER want to be associated with the racist, homophobic, Christian Right Wing propaganda that these two spew. It is one thing to give people the option to listen or not, to watch or not, to care or not but to use the memories and tears of the dead to push any agenda is disgusting!

I am not one of those people who is going to claim a deeper connection than anyone else to 9/11. I think we all knew someone who was more personally effected, we all felt something together on that day and our lives were all changed in different way. I am not going to pretend that this is about me.

It's not.

But what it is about is respect. Respect to those who died in the WTC, on the three planes, in the city of NYC that day. It is not about using those faces, those lives, those memories to try and push another round of us versus them. It is not to build a presidential campaign off of. It is not to try and split this nation further apart.

At least with the MLK association we could easily call out the rally what it was. An attempt to use one of the most important days in the Civil Rights movement as a tool for racists to protest our Black president. Was it in poor taste? Yes. Was it obvious what they were doing? Yes. Did it in anyway defame MLK?

Not at all

If anything the idea of such hatred happening on that day just highlighted the true end game of the rally. To continue to whip up anti-Obama feelings by playing a version of the race card but this plan tricked very few people. Yes it was self centered and well planned but it didn't come right in your face the same way that this 9/11 rally will. It is shameful in every since of the word. Very few this disgust me

Glen Beck and Sarah Palin have succeeded.

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